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These Farmers From Rural West Bengal Need Urgent Help To Save Their 8-year-old Daughter From Brain Cancer

She was in school that day when it happened. Spasms in her right hand, scaring her half to death. Shreyasee’s friends told the teacher, and they called us. We rushed there to take her to the doctor. This was the second time. Something was obviously wrong. We never thought it would be a tumor.
8-year-old Shreyasee is a 3rd standard student at a rural school in a village near Kolkata, West Bengal. About a month ago, she began having unexplained spasms and tingling sensation in her right hand. When the feeling spread to her leg, her father rushed her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with brain tumor. Although she was operated, Shreyasee’s tumor turned out to be cancerous, and she needs chemotherapy as well as a stem cell transplant to beat the disease.

They traveled from West Bengal to Bangalore in search of a cure

For daily-wage farmers, Gautam and Neetu Patra, their daughter’s illness came as a shock. They did not know how to react when she complained of twitching and spasms in her right hand one day. Hoping it would fade away, they advised her to rest. When it happened again, they rushed to a hospital. The doctor suggested a CT scan of the brain, which confirmed a brain tumor.
“We were referred to Bangalore, so we came here and had to go through many tests. We did not know how much all this would cost, and what she needed. Everyone in my family, sold their tiny bits of land. With about Rs. 1.5 lakhs, we admitted her to the hospital. Scans showed she had a brain tumor. She was immediately operated on, but a biopsy of the tumor showed that it was cancer.”

She does not even know what is affecting her

Shreyasee’s disease is quite dangerous. As it is cancerous, the tumors can grow back fast and spread. She needs to start treatment as soon as possible. Shreyasee needs chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to beat the disease. The family, coming from a very weak financial background, is struggling to pay for the treatment that can save her life.
“She is just 8 years old. This is not the time she should be fighting cancer, that too in her brain. She is so smart. Ever since we got here, she has been continuously asking us to take her home. “Why are they still giving me medicines? Why injection? You said I’m ok. If I’m ok, why am I in the hospital? Please take me home! I’m scared!” We hide our tears from her. We don’t answer her questions because we do not have the courage.”

How can you help?

The transplant is a cure. Shreyasee can go back to her life as it was and live longer if she has the surgery. The family, unable to speak in any language other than Bengali, is trying to find a job here in Bangalore to help pay for a surgery that would cost Rs. 14 lakhs.

Your support can give Shreyasee a chance to beat this cancer, and relieve this family of their pain.

Supporting Documents

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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