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This 5-year-old Never Leaves His Room Because He Needs Constant Dialysis And Will Die Without It

Born with only one kidney, Rihan Nadaf, a 5-year-old from Maharashtra, needs an urgent kidney transplant after his kidney failed completely. He has lost the ability to urinate and needs to stay in his room all day - wired to the dialysis machine. His mother is ready to donate her kidney but has no means to provide for the transplant.

Rihan in the hospital

Rihan can’t urinate and needs a transplant immediately

Due to kidney failure, the 5-year-old has lost the ability to urinate. Every day, he needs to undergo a procedure which helps remove fluid and waste products from the body. Rihan is constantly aided by a dialysis machine and can’t leave the room he is in.

The doctors told his parents Nisarjan and Shabana that Rihan needs a kidney transplant immediately. Without the transplant, Rihan’s chances of survival are bleak. His body has become very weak. He weighs only 12 kilograms which is much lesser than the average bodyweight of a 5-year-old.

Rihan has End Stage Renal Disease as his only kidney is performing below 10% of its capacity. In such cases, a kidney transplant is necessary to live.

Rihan had only a 10% chance of survival

“We were a happy family. We worked hard and made all our monthly payments on time. This happened so suddenly, our lives have turned upside down”, said Nisarjan, Rihan’s father.

In October 2017, Rihan’s abdomen started hurting a lot and started swelling up. After rushing him to the hospital, Nisarjan and his wife, Shabana, found out that his kidney had failed and he had only a 10% chance of survival unless he was immediately admitted to a bigger hospital.

Dealing with such a critical situation, Nisarjan took Rihan to a hospital in Pune from his village, in the middle of the night. “The hospital in Pune was 270 km away, and it took 4 hours to reach. Throughout the journey, I was praying Rihan doesn’t die.”

Rihan's parents try and keep him occupied while he is confined to his bed 

Despite what he’s been through, Rihan is strong-headed and positive

“While my wife and I fear for his life, Rihan remains strong. He knows everything that has happened to him and explains it to his grandparents and visitors as well. He says he wants to get better soon. He’s very smart, he can't go to school but likes to keep up with his studies. He loves to play. He even enjoys watching people cook.” – Nisarjan
Rihan with his mother, Shabana

Nisarjan and Shabana have no funds to provide for the transplant

Nisarjan earns a small amount of money every month and besides supporting his own family, he financially supports his old parents too. He has used up all his savings, from the little he was able to save every month, on Rihan’s treatments and medications up till now.

Rihan’s mother, Shabana, is ready to donate a kidney but the family has no money to even get the tests done on the donor.

“Just the tests on the donor alone cost over Rs 60,000. I don’t know how I can afford that. We’re not getting a loan, and have no relatives that can help us out. I even went to Rihan’s school to ask for help. I just want to save him.” – Nisarjan

Until the transplant, Rihan needs the support of a dialysis machine which is painful and expensive. The total cost for the treatment and the transplant is estimated to be around Rs 7.4 lakhs. Unable to afford this, Nisarjan needs your help so Rihan can get a life-saving transplant.

How you can help

Rihan is a 5-year-old boy from rural Maharashtra who cannot urinate anymore. He was born with only one kidney, which has now failed. For Rihan to live, he needs to undergo a kidney transplant immediately but his parents cannot afford providing for the entire procedure. His father has exhausted all his resources and has no support.

Your contribution will save Rihan and give him the childhood he deserves.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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