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14-year-old Mithun Screams In Pain From Cancer And He Needs Urgent Help

For the last 8 months, 14-year-old Mithun, son of Prakash, has been fighting a severe form of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Mithun is in a lot of pain and his mother is fighting this disease alongside him in Bangalore while his father is toiling away in their town to earn every rupee possible towards his treatment.

For them, the worst was dengue and it turned out to be cancer

When Mithun’s fever did not subside even after 15 days, his family brought him to Bangalore with a concern that it might be dengue. They first went to Meenakshi hospital but it was too late to admit Mithun so they ended up at HCG. Tests revealed that Mithun has cancer.

 “It was in August. Dengue was everywhere. People around us have died. We just wanted to make sure our son does not suffer the same fate. So, I brought him from Ramnagara to Bangalore. Fate somehow led us to a cancer hospital. I never thought he would be diagnosed with cancer. Now, we are still not able to believe that Mithun is fighting this terrible disease.”

They shuttled from hospital to hospital unable to afford treatment

Within a few days, the bill shot up to Rs. 75000. The family could not afford treatment at HCG, so they chose to go to Kidwai. They had to start chemotherapy as soon as possible, so Mithun was getting his treatments. As his condition continued to deteriorate, the doctor at Kidwai referred them to NH.

“We cannot afford this but there was no other choice. Our doctor said his cancer can be treated. He needs chemotherapy and maybe even a bone marrow transplant afterwards. The chemo itself will cost us Rs. 15 Lakhs. Prakash works as an attender at ESI Hospital for Rs. 14000. We are unable to come up with this kind of money on sudden notice. Without it, we cannot start treatment. Without the treatment, we will lose Mithun.

He screams in pain even though he tries to be brave

Mithun is in 9th standard. He has been eavesdropping on conversations and slowly putting together information on his condition. He is terrified but acts bravely for his parents. Unfortunately, the pain gets the better of him and he is unable to stop himself from screaming.

“I have to be strong, but this makes us weak. He was in such a bad situation a few days ago. He was screaming continuously with body pain. I do not understand what is happening to him. He says it is ripping him from inside out. I am not able to keep it together even in front of him. As a mother, I am supposed to protect him, but I have not been able to do that.”

How you can help

Rekha is taking care of Mithun alone while her husband is toiling hard in their hometown. She is currently living in the hospital and after Mithun gets discharged, she might request to stay with a friend as the family cannot afford to rent a room. So far, they have already spent Rs. 7 lakhs on medical expenses, most of which is on loans, and now they are looking to crowdfunding for help.

Your contribution can help Mithun get the treatment he needs to win this battle.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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