Only when he met with a deadly accident - did Jutur's parents find out he had damaged the only kidney he was born with | Milaap
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Only when he met with a deadly accident - did Jutur's parents find out he had damaged the only kidney he was born with

Jutur fell down from a bus while going to school. He damaged the only kidney that he was born with. Till then, he had led a happy, active life. His father, a daily-wage worker from Gaddam Nagepalli, Andhra Pradesh, is now struggling to get his son treatment that can save his life.

What seemed like a harmless fall turned out to have life-threatening consequences

Jutur's village has no school and he needs to catch a bus to the next town to go to school. Every day, he travels 12 km to reach school. But two weeks back, he fell out of the bus while boarding. Externally – his leg was mangled but the impact left him with a lot of internal damage.

Jutur's father, Bhaskar rushed him to the hospital in Anantapur – the nearest town. The doctors there sent Jutur to Bangalore in an ambulance because his injuries were so bad. But getting to Bangalore was when Bhaskar would get worse news.  

Jutur with his older brother when they were kids

It was only here that they found out that Jutur was born with only one kidney. This one kidney was crushed in the accident and he now needs a kidney transplant to live. The doctors have performed 2 surgeries on Jutur to stop the bleeding and fix his broken leg.

Bhaskar is struggling to keep up with the mounting bills to continue treatment. “I am a day-labourer and along with my wife, I earn Rs 400 per day. Every month, we are able to save nothing. I don't even know anyone who can help me out in this emergency,” he says.

Jutur loved to participate in different events held at his school. Before the accident, he was a happy, energetic child

“I have no choice but to take him back if I can't afford to save him”

Bhaskar gets emotional when he thinks of how much Jutur and his brother loved going to school. He is unable to continue telling Jutur that he will be fine. Though he doesn't fully understand the challenges of life without a kidney, he knows that it is no life for a child of 12.

Till now Jutur has had two surgeries – one for his broken leg that was shattered and the other in his abdomen to stop bleeding. The doctors say he needs a kidney transplant too. With my limited resources, I will get Jutur treated for as long as possible. But then, I'll have to take him back to our village,” Bhaskar explains.

Bhaskar is feeling very helpless in saving Jutur. Jutur needs surgeries that Bhaskar cannot afford

While coming here, Bhaskar brought all his savings and borrowed Rs 20,000 from the people in his village. All the money he brought and more has already been spent and now, Jutur's father has nothing left to save Jutur's life.

How you can help

Bhaskar has borrowed heavily and spent over Rs 1 lakh in Jutur's treatment after the accident. Jutur now only needs a kidney to make a full recovery. Bhaskar is willing to donate his own kidney to Jutur.

Contribute to help enable a farmer to save his son's life despite his crushing poverty. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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