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8-Year-Old Girl Bedridden Due To Cancer Seeks Help For Treatment So She Could Walk Again

8-year-old Helen opens her eyes, she is not sure if it’s morning or night. Outside the hospital room, she sees a nurse walk by. Before she could complete the thought, her tired eyes take her back to sleep. It has been 30 days in the cancer isolation ward. Helen waits for the day she can walk again and sleep without pain.

Helen is an 8-year-old cancer patient. She is the second child of Manoj and Reshmi. Helen who once loved dancing is now bedridden. She can barely stand with the help of her father.

It has been a month since Helen went outside the isolation room in the hospital. She is just completing the last round of high dose chemotherapy. This will prepare her body for the bone marrow transplant, the only option left to cure her aggressive cancer.

Helen was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4

When Helen started going to school, there was only one thing she was eager to do-dance'. After few days of school, she started complaining of severe leg pain. Her mother, Reshmi, thought it was the result of dancing and tried to comfort her. It was when Helen started complaining of severe pain during weekends when there were no dance classes that Reshmi panicked. Helen was taken to several doctors in the locality who dismissed it for muscle weakness, commonly seen in kids of her age.

Finally, when Reshmi could not bear to see her daughter in pain, she pleaded with the doctor to recommend further tests to rule out anything serious. Helen underwent blood tests and other investigations. When the results came out, it broke the heart of her mother. Her little daughter is a cancer patient. She couldn’t bear the thought that her 4-year-old has been trying to tell her about the unbearable pain all this while.

For 4 years they protected their daughter from death

From that day begun this family's struggle to save Helen’s life. Manoj, her father, worked in his uncle’s shop and earned enough to take care of the family. They sold their jewellery, borrowed from relatives for the treatment. After one year of treatment, Helen’s condition improved and she finally started school again. But life never showed her mercy. She started complaining of leg pain again in early 2017. Her cancer came back and her life is now in danger.

She just completed her last high dose chemotherapy. The only treatment left now is a  bone marrow transplant and it can save her life. But her parents are broken and are without support. They have spent over 20 lakhs in the last 4 years and now they need to arrange 25 lakhs just to start the critical treatment.

Helen's parents can only visit her when allowed to

Death and illness are haunting the family. It started with the death of Manoj's uncle, then Helen's illness. After few days of treatment, Reshmi fell and broke her leg while rushing to buy medicines for Helen. She had to visit Helen in the wheelchair. The close relatives of the family wonder how they manage to cope. Manoj has left Rhiya and Hannah, Helen’s elder and younger sister in the care of his aged parents. They are heart patients who need support themselves but he has no option left.

Helen's  transplant can happen as early as next week if the family can arrange funds but they are nowhere close. With no one to turn to, they are reaching out to people who can help them save their daughter. 

How you can help

There is nothing more terrible than to watch a child walk towards death,  Reshmi and Manoj are facing this every day. If we can extend our support through this fundraiser, Helen's life can be saved. Reshmi, Manoj and their 2 daughters are waiting to get Helen back.

Funds raised through this fundraiser is going towards funding the bone marrow transplant of Helen.

Support Documents

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