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Farmer Parents Need Urgent Help To Save Their 4-Year-Old Son Who Is Coughing Out Blood

4 year Old Durga Malleshwar Rao has gone through a lot of pain in the past 5 months. Mallesh was in LKG and had just started his school, made new friends and was looking forward for a happy childhood just like the other kids. However god had some other plans. Last Diwali he was diagnosed of chronic liver disease, the Doctors suggested the only way to save him would be to undergo a liver transplant.

Since then the boy has stopped going to school and is not allowed to play in the open. Unfortunately, Mallesh belongs to a family where the parents are mere farm laborers and cannot afford the cost of his treatment which is estimated to be around 25 lakhs.

The parents managed to arrange 13 lakhs through CM and PM fund after running from pillar to post and still fall short of 12 lakhs.

"On the eve of Diwali he was vomiting pool of blood"

Mallesh's father Naga Raju recollects "It was the evening of Diwali" the kids were enjoying the festival and Mallesh was playing with his friends. He was planning to bust crackers with his elder brother Shanmugha by the evening Mallesh started feeling weak and started complaining of uneasiness.
In half n hour's time Mallesh started vomiting pools of blood and continued to vomit for 7 to 8 times.

The parents immediately took him to the govt hospital in Nagaram, where he was immediately referred to Global Hospitals Hyderabad.

The doctors in Hyderabad ran few tests and identified that Mallesh was suffering from chronic liver disease and has to undergo an urgent liver transplant to survive.
The family was in a state of complete panic as the surgery transplant would cost them 25 lakhs and had to postpone it since they could arrange such a huge amount.
The family since then has been trying various sources to arrange funds for the treatment but have been unable to collect the complete amount.

Why should you contribute?

Naga Raju is a farm laborer and does not own his own farm land. He somehow manages to make 5 to 8 thousand rupees in a month depending on the type of cultivation. Arranging 25 lakhs from his income is a distant dream for him.
However with his grit and resilience has successfully contacted PMO and CMO and has managed to get a grant of 13 lakhs in total.

Your support will help save Mallesh's life and make him continue his school and play with his friends again.

Please Contribute To Help Save Mallesh's Life