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With Your Support This 7 Year Old Can Get A Second Chance To Live

This is the story of 7-year old Dhanvanth. Since last 6 months, life has turned upside down for him and his family.

Dhanvanth has stopped going to school and is not allowed to meet any of his friends, he can't focus on studies since his health condition does not allow him to do so, he cannot play an outdoor game since he goes out of breath in just 5 minutes. 

The only friends he has are the kids staying as patients at NH Hospital, Banglore getting treated for blood cancer.
Yes, Dhanvanth, since the last August has been suffering from blood cancer, rather he has been battling cancer since it relapsed in just four months. The child has been admitted and treated in several hospitals in Bangalore and the last hope for his parents is the NH hospital where is scheduled to undergo a BMT transplant next month. 

Without the BMT transplant it would be difficult to save the child, however, the procedure along with the treatment for leukemia is costing 32 lakhs.The parents who have a monthly income of 12 thousand are facing extremely difficult time in arranging funds for the treatment and seek your support.

Please support the parents to save Dhanvanth's life.

Sometimes I think the stress of it all made him quite weak - Prasanna - Dhanvanth's father

It started after the school reopened for the new session in June. He had moved to 1st standard, so his scheduled had changed. Before he used to come home by 1230 PM or 1 PM. Now, classes were held till 2PM so he would come home late. Sometimes I think the stress of it all made him quite weak."

During the first three months of schooling, he got extremely weak. People constantly asked why he was looking so pale and weak. In July, Prasanna took him to the doctor because Dhanvanth had developed something like chicken pox all over his body. The Doctor gave medicines and they hoped he would get better.

Things really went sideways in August when Dhanvanth could not even wake up and go to school. The fatigue was very evident. The parents took him to the hospital on 14th August. On examination, the doctor showed his suspicions that it may be blood cancer. He wrote down a few diagnostic tests, and asked them to go to the lab immediately to get them done.

I knew even before he said it. My son had blood cancer.
"It was a Sunday. Very few labs were open and it was quite late. I was lucky to find a good lab that was open and get the tests done. The pathologist asked me to stay back for a few minutes so he could give me the initial report as it looked like an emergency. 

He came back to me a while later and said Please take your son to a hospital as soon as you can. It doesn't look good. He called the doctor and they had a private conversation. The doctor spoke to me and said it would not be right to discuss it over the phone and requested me to come over the first thing in the morning the next day. He was there despite the Independence day holiday. I knew even before he said it. My son had blood cancer."

The doctor recommended that Dhanvanth should be taken to a good hospital. Since they couldn't afford expensive hospitals, a friend suggested KIdwai where Dhanvanth was admitted for over4 months. He was given radiation followed by chemotherapy.

Doctor suggested they give him chemoport so it is easier to deliver medicines. There was a huge delay in performing the procedure at the hospital for chemoport. While initial tests before surgery showed no abnormality, follow-up count showed that the boy was getting worse. Doctors said their only hope was BMT. 
"Something is wrong with the hospital please take me somewhere else"
Dhanvanth initially had no idea of what was he suffering from however when is condition got bad, he figured there is something wrong with his body and his condition is not improving he constantly requested his father to take him out of the hospital.

The parents went to 5 hospitals, BJS refused to do BMT for kids, HCG was expensive, Ramaiah had very few BMT cases, CMC was overbooked so NH was the only option left for us.

At NH Dhanvanth is under heavy dose of medications and has become really quite, he seems depressed and does not talk much.There is something really bothering my kid but he does not share with us says Prasanna.
Dhanvanth's mother has been really depressed and lately has found courage after seeing other patients in the hospital.

We both want to save our child by whatever way possible, we would rather die than seeing something bad happens to our child - Nandini - Dhanvanth's Mother

Why should you contribute?

Prasanna works in a bakery, earns Rs. 12,000 and an extra commission of Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 if he bags an order for cake now and then which already an extremely small amount to manage a family of four in Bangalore. 

Despite the low-income he has managed to arrange 6 lakh rupees for Dhanvanth's treatment. He has already taken a loan of 1.5 lakhs, spent his savings of 3 lakhs and has borrowed a 1.5 lakhs from his father in law for the initial medical treatment.
The current procedure requires the treatment of leukemia followed a BMT transplant which is cost them 32 lakhs in total, also they might incur more expenses based on the complications post the surgery.

The family needs your help to save their son and find some peace in their life again.

Please contribute to saving Dhanvanth.

Supporting Documents
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team.

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