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Couple Disowned By Family Fights To Save Baby Who's Been On Ventilator For 5 Months

“It was a love marriage; we fought our parents who were against this union. They never supported us but we came out of that phase happy because our love was strong. We thought now there is nothing that could go wrong. Little did we know the cruel joke fate would play on us. Every minute we are afraid of losing our son forever.”  - Revathi

A picture of the couple before they had their child

He was born extremely premature at 7 months of gestation

Revathi and Jaishankar hardly sleep anymore. It is expected of any new parents, but that is not their reason. Their son was born on September 30, 2018. Revathi was just 28 weeks of pregnant and needed an emergency C-section because she had an intra-uterine infection. The baby was in the ICU of the hospital for 40 days after which the doctors said they could not do anything more. Determined to save him at any cost, Jaishankar refused to get him discharged. After a few weeks, he moved his son to Rainbow.

He has been on the ventilator for 5 months now

The baby was immediately wheeled into the ICU. He was very small, unable to breathe and needed the ventilator. Revathi and Jaishankar broke down as soon as they saw his tiny body covered in tubes that were bigger than him.

“He hasn’t even opened his eyes yet. We sit and cry next to his bed and he cannot even see us. He doesn't even know there is someone here for him. He is too small to be doing this all on his own. He needs his mother near him. He needs to feel her, smell her, and hear her heartbeat as she holds him close. But she can only hold his hand.” - Jaishankar.

With a little help, he can go home in a few weeks

On February 4th, when he was admitted to Rainbow, this baby boy was diagnosed with severe lung problems. He would have died without the ventilator and tracheostomy. Every day, Jaishankar and Revathi held his little hand, praying that he finds strength to fight. He is slowly recovering and gaining weight while his lungs are getting stronger. He still needs the ventilator for about 3 weeks.

"You never think about it but when tragedy comes, you look at your savings. We emptied that. Then we sought help from family and friends. We have paid Rs. 15 lakhs so far. The bills are piling up. I still need to arrange for Rs. 8 lakhs to keep him on the ventilator this month. Revathi and I together made about Rs. 50,000 rupees a month. After rent, bills and healthcare expenses we had less than half that amount. It is impossible to fund Rs. 23 lakhs in a span of two months regardless of how much we make." - Jaishankar

Everyone has forsaken this family, some even say they got what they deserved

Since their families were against their marriage, they have refused to help in any way, leaving the young parents lost for hope. They are still afraid they will lose the baby and only your support can save him.

“This is our first baby. Losing this fight is not an option. He is being strong and he is only 5 months old. We cannot let lack of money take him away. Even Rs 100 matters now,” said Revathi.  

Revathi's baby boy is a fighter. He is a survivor. He is a miracle premature baby who has made it this far. His parents never gave up on him. With your help, they can save him and take him home.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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