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Boy Who Wants To Be The Next Virat Kohli Is Fighting Final Stage Of Blood Cancer

“Every parent's dream is that their child scores well in their school exams, but our Ayush was worried enough about himself, we never had to intervene. We have always considered ourselves extremely lucky to have him, being organised at such an early age, and picking up responsibilities. But more than studying, he loves cricket and whenever asked who his favourite player is, he says it's Virat Kohli. He wants to grow up and be like him, he's his role model!” - Ratnesh, Father of Ayush

Since earlier this year, Ayush had regular spells of fever and stomach infections for two and a half months. Mid-march, he had high fever ranging between 103-105 degrees. While visiting the Ajmer Sharif in Pushkar with high fever, Ayush complained about pain in his joints and suffered a nosebleed. Much to his parents' dismay, the doctors declared that he has blood cancer.

Medication has had no effect, and the cancer has now spread to the last stage. How can a parent stop weeping while hearing this? 

Since he was detected at an early stage, they were informed that the treatment may include monitoring and medications. Unfortunately, during the tests in May, they realized that the medication has had no effect, and the cancer has now spread to the last stage. His blood cells, platelet count and their hopes, were dangerously low.

We saw the loss of spark in Ayush’s eyes, he looks lost all the time

“Ayush’s elder brother, Anurag, keeps asking me what he can do to help Ayush, but we all feel so helpless to see him go through this, I just want the same smile on his face. Not a single day do I go without tearing up, but even in a situation like this, I find my strength in him. Anurag stays with his grandma, because we stay in a shared accommodation here and cannot afford to do more. ” - Ratnesh Kumar

Ayush’s family has exhausted all means of funds and have spent around three lakhs, having  sold their jewellery and other assets. They have maxed out on all funds collected from friends and family, however, they are still short on the monetary aspect, but they are not letting that affect their hopes to see Ayush well and healthy. They are hoping to receive some mercy by your act of kindness to save their son.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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