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7-Year-Old With Failing Liver Needs An Urgent Transplant - It's Now Or Never

“His battle with life started the day he was born. But at 7, he’s now on the verge of losing his life.  An urgent liver transplant is his only hope!”

With deep yellow jaundiced eyes on a pale tear-stricken face, skinny hands with band-aids where needles were earlier, a bloated belly that never ceases to hurt and a muffled sob that’s all the voice that’s heard, a 7-year-old Akliesh is battling for his life.

While other boys went to school and played happily, with not an ounce of worry in the world; Akliesh spent his time writhing in severe pain, ever since he was born. His stomach always hurt, and nobody knew why. Afraid to eat, afraid to step out of his house, he spent most of his life indoors, but for hospital visits.

“At first, when we took him to hospitals, they treated him for gastric problems and stomach infection. But the pain never left. It only got worse each day. When he was hardly 2, we took him to a hospital in Chennai. We still remember the day our world stood still. He was diagnosed with a severe liver disease.” – Suvarna, mother.

Despite years of treatment, the parents were devastated when at 6, he started puking blood. It was now a matter of life or death! Their little boy was given an ultimatum. Only a liver transplant could save his life and his mother opted to be the donor without a second thought.

The transplant has to happen now, in less than a week - it's now or never

“I worked for a small cotton factory in Guntur and my monthly income was a little more than Rs 10,000.  Ever since he puked blood, we have been living in the hospital. I've quit my job.  We’ve exhausted every bit of our savings and even have a debt of 8 lakhs. 28 lakhs is too huge a number for us to even digest. As much as we want to save our boy, we’re helpless due to financial constraints! We’re running out of time” – Krishnarao, father.
  Swollen, hurting belly and painful injections - that's what Akliesh knows 

It’s been weeks since we’ve even heard him talk! 

For Akliesh, life has never been a bed of roses. He had to drop out of school. But he never complained.. He knows his restrictions, and makes do with laughing at Doraemon on TV. So what if he can’t eat his favourite food? He watches cooking videos on the phone and giggles, joyously.

“He’s had high fever for a few days now. He’s too weak to even smile. He can barely walk. He can’t sleep on his sides without crying in pain. My heart breaks every time he wails. Sometimes he doesn’t have the energy to even cry. He just lies down with tears streaming down his face, holding his stomach…He…” , - Suvarna resisted the urge to weep as a meek voice called out to her, lifting his hand.

Every time he has to use the washroom, he struggles to lift his hand and gestures with his little-finger and breathes a little louder. That’s all he can afford to do these days

“We are not able to see him go through all this alone. Unfortunately, we’re not able to do anything to soothe his pain. Please help us make his pain go away. He deserves to live, like every other kid, worry-free, pain-free. We’d be forever grateful to you!” – Krishnarao. 
 Akliesh is too young to be fighting death. His life has just begun! Your generous contribution can save his precious life and ease his unceasing pain.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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