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7-Year-Old Aieline's Parents Have Come Very Far from Home To Save Their Only Child From Brain Cancer

Aieline Rani Joseph is a 7-year-old fighting a cancerous brain tumour from March. Her family moved from Jharkhand to Bangalore for her treatment. Making ends meet while making sure Aieline gets Cancer treatment has become a struggle for this family.

Aieline with her mother at the hospital

Critical time was lost because they thought Aieline had a regular headache

Early this year, two months before her final exams, Aieline started complaining of headaches. Her family attributed the headaches to the pressure of exams. Aieline took painkillers to suppress the headaches. They worked for some time, but by February she got worse. That’s when the doctor suggested a CT scan.

The scans showed them how serious Aieline's condition was. They were asked to go to the nearest town near Ranchi. It was in Ranchi, that Pradip, her father learned that she had a brain tumour. They were immediately sent to Bengaluru, to start the treatment for the tumour. 

Cancer treatment and side effects

On reaching Bengaluru, Aieline’s treatment started immediately at the Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre. They gave her radiation therapy for 40 days before they moved on to chemotherapy sessions. Aieline seemed to recover until she developed serious side-effects. She had to be re-admitted to the hospital with high fever and dysentery. The drop in her immunity levels caused an infection. Her life now has become hellish.

Her blood and stool infection don’t let her eat and she’s rapidly losing weight and her strength. She suffers from body pains and weakness. Aieline can barely move or walk because of the infections and is constantly receiving blood transfusions and antibiotics intravenously.  

Financial crunch in the family

Pradip is a private tutor who makes Rs 1,600 a month. Aieline’s mother, Rohilin, earns Rs 5,000 per month to run the family. Managing their monthly income is a struggle. Travelling to Bangalore and renting a room is financially draining them.

Aieline is working hard to beat her cancer - but her family is unable to pay for the treatment any longer

The first round of Aieline’s treatment cost Rs 5 Lakhs, but they were helped by a charitable organisation. This time around, they are unable to source funds and they have pending bills for Rs 2 Lakhs and need another Rs 5 lakhs for treatment. They have no means to pay this huge an amount, and the life of a 7-year-old is hanging by a delicate thread due to this financial crunch.

How you can help

Aieline’s condition is deteriorating every day, and she can only be saved if she gets her treatment. Pradip and Rohilin’s financial condition should not be the reason for her heart to stop beating.

Your contribution can save her and life and make the family smile again.  

Supporting documents specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organizer or the hospital.

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