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He Has Only One Chance To Save His Twin Brother, You Can Help This Little Boy

“Sandesh keeps asking me why Aadesh is in the hospital and what made him so sick. I have no answer to these questions, I myself don't understand what my baby is going through. He keeps saying that if Aadesh is sick then he should also be sick because they are twins and they must go through everything together! He is so happy that he can be the donor for his brother and save his life but we are so helpless. We will not be able to afford his treatment after how much we have already spent.”- Minal, mother of Aadesh and Sandesh.

8-year-old Aadesh has been suffering from Aplastic Anemia. He recently had a bone marrow transplant in Mumbai. However, Aadesh is still in a critical state and needs constant medical help and supervision.

Aadesh and his twin brother, Sandesh when they were younger

No part of his body is painless at this moment

His mouth is continuously bleeding, his legs and shoulders are swollen and filled with rashes and the various marks on his body are pain points. He says he wants to become a police officer.

"I just weep and tell him he will be the best of the best because of the courage he has shown in this phase of his life."

“One night, in April Aadesh came to us complaining about mosquito bites. It was unusual, regardless we applied some ointment on it. The next morning we could see that the number of mosquito bite like marks had increased, but what really alarmed us was that Sandesh had none. We took him to the doctor immediately where we found out that his platelet levels and hemoglobin levels were extremely low. The consequences of the same were unknown to us.” - Minal

I can't remember what his face looked like when he used to smile

After 3 failed transplants in Nagpur and Amravati, the parents had given up. They decided to come to Bombay one last time and try their luck. Unfortunately, they have already spent all of their savings previously on his treatment and are struggling to afford a meal for themselves too.

Sandeep, their father works as a laborer in a factory. Being the sole earner of the family, he is staying away from his kids and wife to try and save up for Aadesh’s treatment. Making around Rs 200-300 a day, with no savings, this family is struggling to save their son. 

Minal and Sandeep need your help to save their son Aadesh and get him back to his twin brother Sandesh and restore his faith in life. With their meagre income and no other source of finances anymore, they are struggling to keep their life afloat and save Aadesh’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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