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It Breaks My Heart To See My Dear Brother Not Dancing Anymore, Lying On The Bed Almost Lifeless.

"In the last 3 years, life has been brutal on us. In this time, my dearest brother who just turned 18 this year, was diagnosed with blood cancer. His aspiration of becoming a professional choreographer ended, I had to quit my studies, my father sold his auto to save him. And now once again cancer has relapsed making my brother immobile and appear lifeless. I may not see him dancing again but I still have hopes to see him smile once again. With a bill of 21 lacs till today, I don't know how Am I able to save him" - Suraj, Rupesh's Brother

Rupesh never had a fight, anyone, he always wanted to make everyone happy

Rupesh was a happy boy. He was equally loved in his family, the circle of friends and even by his dance partners. He was a fun loving character and always put a smile on everyone's face.

"Boys of his age get in a fight all the time, but never him. Whenever there was a serious situation and he would crack a joke and lighten up the mood of everyone."

Rupesh was in 9th standard when the tragedy struck the family. Just after his annual exams ended, Rupesh frequently fell ill constantly complained about weakness.

"Initially we thought it was due to change of weather and the doctor treated him with the usual antibiotics. However, it was something else because never before Rupesh had ever missed his dance practice due to illness"

Since he is condition did not improve the doctors ran few tests and it was confirmed that a blood cancer called AML was damaging his body.

Family has been strong they have fought hard with disease but seems the disease does not want to leave Rupesh's body

Rupesh successfully underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2015 with help of his elder sister Preeti as the donor and was going strong on the road to recovery. He had been healthy for a year till last year, however, the disease came back this August and caused severe blood clotting in his brain.

On 21st August Rupesh suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, which left him bedridden and unconscious for almost a month. However, Rupesh is showing signs of recovery and slowly beating the battle with the disease.

"The doctors said we would barely live for 2 months when he was first diagnosed with the disease, it has been 3 years Rupesh and my family has become stronger and we are hopeful to see him normal again"

Why should you contribute?

" My father is an auto driver, during Rupesh's initial BMT transplant my father had to sell his auto, some land in our native place and had to borrow money from all my relatives. He barely makes 70 thousand rupees annually, since we had no money left and someone needed to take care of my brother. I had to quit my college during my first year Bcom"

"The bill for his current treatment stands 21 lacs till today I have almost gone to every NGO and every trust in Mumbai to arrange funds but all of them refuse to support since the requirement is huge."

Rupesh's has got support from his school friends, neighbors even his dance teacher Mr. Ayshaan has arranged funds for his treatment but those funds are not enough.

Rupesh may not dance again but your contribution may save his life and also end the family's financial misery.
Please donate to save Rupesh.

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