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Rashya needs your support to be treated successfully

10-year-old RashyaSulthana lives on the outskirts of Chennai. When she was 6 months old, Rashya's red blood cell count was extremely low, which required her to visit the blood bank.

Rashya was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major

Rashya's mother, Sulthana, took her baby to Christian Medical College(CMC), Vellore, where she was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. She was then referred to Madurai Meenakshi Hospital, for further diagnosis and treatment. Upon going there, she realised that the facilities for a bone marrow transplant were not present.

Four years ago, on Diwali, Rashya suddenly fell extremely ill. On being taken to the hospital in Trichy, she was diagnosed with Thalasemia. She was rushed in an ambulance to Chennai from Trichy to be treated immediately as the treatment was not available in Trichy.

Rashya was rushed in an ambulance overnight from Trichy to Chennai

Sulthana's mother who lived in Chennai had called her up almost immediately. The neighbour had informed them of Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. Soon, Sulthana found herself travelling to Chennai with Rashya, and admitted her in Apollo Hospitals.

"I remember very clearly. We were in Trichy. My mother called me. Despite the regular blood transfer, Rashya was not keeping well. She needed a BMT urgently. We rushed her straight to Apollo Hospitals in the ambulance itself from Trichy to Chennai overnight. I remember holding her throughout. We shifted our home overnight," said Sulthana.

She is currently being treated in Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.

How can you help?

Rashya's mother cannot afford the cost of treatment, and therefore needs all the support that she can get in fulfilling her child's dream of becoming well again.

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