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Help me save my 53-year-old father. He will not make it without a liver transplant

I know every child says it, but to me, Dad is my hero. He has never let me down. He is my support through all my life's challenges. He developed jaundice, but ignored it till it became really bad because he was busy taking care of my sick mother. Now, he needs a liver transplant and I am his donor. We urgently need funds to make sure this procedure happens and we can save his life.

Dad made our childhood magical

Dad is 100% self-made man. He didn't have much growing up, but got a job at Infosys. He sent me and my brother - Srinivas to school, bought a home and took us on holidays every summer vacation. He wanted his children to 'have' – all the things that he never got. 

Asha with her father Rangaiah

I was married off very young and had a tough time adjusting. Mother asked me to adjust and keep quiet. My father on the other hand, reassured me that no matter what happened he was there. I would always have a home. It is this thought that gave me strength. I called him every day during that difficult time.

Tragedy struck us a year after my marriage. My mother Rukmini, developed a tumour in her brain and even got a stroke. The doctors told us that we should make the most of the time she had left. But, like a God, a doctor appeared in our lives and took on her case which nobody else would touch.  

I was married and my brother was very young. So my father took voluntary retirement and funded the operation with his pension. For that one operation – he sold off our house and used up all of his pension. We had nothing left. His family's health and well-being first and foremost in his mind.

My mother's tumour unfortunately grew back twice, but somehow we managed. 
We managed to give our mother the operations that would save her life. But the stress took a toll on my father.

Asha with her parents

We didn't realise how sick he was for almost a year

In his typical way – he kept asking us not to worry. Kept telling us and himself that he would be fine. My brother quit his studies, because he knew Dad could not do this any more. He took up a part time night job at a call centre to make some extra money and helped Dad in the morning.

It breaks my heart to see Dad – playful, happy, energetic – be reduced to someone who is filled with guilt for being a burden. Even when he finally fainted out of being sick – with his stomach and legs swollen – he kept apologising for making us run around at night. 

The doctor near our house gave him tablets for about five months and told us his liver was 'damaged', but never explained anything to us. A few months after he stopped his medicines – his condition deteriorated rapidly. The tablets he had been taking were not working. The doctor said my father needed a specialist and we came to Aster Hospital.

Me and my brother were told that we would lose a parent a second time

For most families it is the mother – but in our house – it is our father who is at the centre of everything. He stood by us like a rock. He taught us to be good and do good by example. After work, he even volunteered at Sudha Murthy's NGO to help many other people. He believes that the good he did will be repaid one day, and I am asking you to be that good in his life today.

My dad still treats us like children, demanding kisses for every chocolate he gets us – even now. He loves talking about our childhood – connecting us to the only truly happy period of our lives. 

When he heard that he will get a part of my liver – he started crying for the pain it would cause me. He'd rather spend his last few days making us happy and laughing with us. So we'd have happy memories for the future. What he doesn't understand is – for all three of us – there is no future without him. 

We can't even handle our mother without him. Our family will lose its fulcrum. It will break my mother, and my brother and I will be orphaned. I need him to face my future.  If we can just save him, we will have the strength for anything.

Please help my father

I have been away from my husband to care for my parents. Once he gets better, I want to go back and focus on my other family. I want to get a job so I can begin paying back his loans. I'll be 24 next month, but I can't imagine life moving ahead without Dad. 

Please help me save my father. My brother and I have managed this far, but we know we need help now. I will be grateful for your help for the rest of my life. I am willing to do everything in my power to return your blessings.

My father has helped so many – helping them get jobs, giving out small loans. He's a wonderful father, a devoted husband and a good human being. He deserves a chance to live.

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