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6 Years He Fought Cancer, And Now He Needs Your Help To Win The Battle Again

Ramakoti was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was in class 10 in 2011. He took cancer treatment under the government scheme and successfully fought it off. Unfortunately, last month, his cancer relapsed and is progressing really fast. He needs chemotherapy as well as a bone-marrow transplant to successfully fight off cancer.

Ramakoti needs chemotherapy as well as a bone-marrow transplant to live

Ramakoti's parents were shattered when their son was first diagnosed with cancer

Ramakoti's father Venkatesh works as a tailor in a small village near Guntur. When his school-going son was getting treated for cancer, he didn't fully understand what was happening. He just knew that his son's life was in danger and that he needed a tough, gruelling course of medicines to make him better.

With the government scheme – Ramakoti was able to get the chemotherapy and radiation at a subsidised rate. The family only needed to spend Rs 7 lakhs on the complete treatment. When Ramakoti actually got better, his father felt like he was one of the lucky ones. Unlike the others in the cancer ward – his son got better and could go home now. 

Ramakoti with his mother and older brother Gopal

All cancer patients need to keep getting follow up tests to measure relapse. Ramakoti had just finished four years of being cancer free. One more year and he could breathe easy – because he had heard that the chances of relapse become smaller after that.

“After he got better, he became his normal self again. He was always a strong and quiet person. The one year of chemotherapy really made him very wise at a very young age. He had completely recovered – regained weight, grown back his hair and grew tall. We thought it was over,” says Gopal, Ramakoti's older brother. 

Despite doing everything right, Ramakoti's cancer relapsed

The diagnosis came out of the blue because Ramakoti's health seemed otherwise fine. Once again the family is reliving the ordeal that they tried their best to recover from. The only one whose confidence remains unshaken is Ramakoti himself. 

Gopal is still studying and he's hoping to find a job soon that will help with Ramakoti's treatment  

“He is very calm and does everything the doctors ask him to do. Even now, the rest of us are worried sick because chemotherapy is not enough and he needs a bone-marrow transplant. But he continues to remain calm,” Gopal explains. 

This time Ramakoti needs a bone-marrow transplant to get better, but the procedure will cost Rs 20 lakhs and is not covered under any government health schemes. Ramakoti's family has to bear the burden of this cost – a burden they cannot handle. 

This is Ramakoti's last chance of beating cancer and getting better

“My husband earns Rs 200 per day. How we will arrange for 20 lakhs is something we don't know. We want to do everything we can to save our son, but we lie awake every night thinking of how we can arrange for treatment and what will happen if we can't,” explains Ramakoti's mother. 

How you can help

Ramakoti is his parents' youngest child. He has bravely battled a terrible condition since he was a child, for the last five years. He deserves a second chance to survive his cancer. Contribute to help this family safely get past this terrible time. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.