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This 7-year-old needs our help to live. She is fighting a terrible disease

7-year-old Priyanka suffers from Thalassemia major, a condition threatening her life. Her parents have no help from his relatives and is seeking urgent help.

I used to go with her blood transfusions even when I was pregnant with my second child

Kusuma and Charan had a second child in the hope that she would be a matched donor. Kusuma recalls how she never gave up helping her daughter go through blood transfusions. "I was pregnant with my second daughter and had been asked to take rest but I couldn't stay home realising my daughter is going to go through a painful procedure. I went with her and she went through the procedure for 4 hours".
Priyanka's family has spent over 5 lakhs so far for her treatment. It's not advisable for Priyanka to continue blood transfusions as it will lead to further complications. She has one last chance, a bone marrow transplant and her doctors recommended that she should undergo the transplant before he turns 8 years to gave a better chance of recovering.
But the transplant cost is 33 lakhs since her sister is not a matched donor. Priyanka has to undergo the transplant with one of her parents as a donor. Both of them are 50% match to be  donor.

My job was never more important that my daughter

Kusuma left her job as a customer support to take care of Priyanka. She couldn't manage alone. My employer refused to give me leave so I had to quit.
"Now, I take care of both my daughters My husband support us, Priyanka's treatment and the medical expenses of his parents. It has become impossible for us to collect such a huge amount"

How you can help

Priyanka's life till now has been hospitals without the freedom to play like any other 7-year-old's. With treatment, she can have a better life. Our support will help this little girl stay alive

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