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This 9-year-old's Heart Will Stop Beating If He Runs Like Any Other Child

“Our son has been sick since he was 5 months old, but we never had the money to afford the operation that will save him.”

When Pranivith was only 5 months old, he got a fever that didn’t subside. His parents Sivaramaiyya and Krupesha took him to the hospital in Nellore. To their utter shock, they learned that Pranivith had a hole in his heart from birth and that he would need corrective surgery to live a healthy life. At the time of the diagnosis, Pranivith was too young for a surgery. Over the years, his health has gradually deteriorated and he now needs an urgent surgery to live.

The normalcy of childhood is a luxury Pranivith could never experience

9-year-old Pranivith lives with his parents and elder brother in a remote village in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. He has always wanted to play with friends and spend time having fun. But the regular life of 9-year-olds is a luxury for him, since Pranivith can’t run without getting exhausted and his heart condition limits him from enjoying life.


Owing to his heart condition, known as Pulmonary Atresia, Pranivith has stunted growth, regular fevers and weakness. Two months ago, his fever became so bad that he had to be rushed to the hospital. It showed the reality of his condition - he needed corrective surgery immediately to survive.

“He dreams of the day when he can play with the other kids, run around without getting tired and more than anything, for a day when he’ll have friends because he can finally play with them.”

This little child goes through insufferable pain and discomfort because of the hole in his heart. He has never lived the normal, carefree life of other children his age, whose only worry is what games to play and completing their homework. Even though he has always been sick, he still believes of doing everything kids his age do.

Pranivith's family is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to his treatment

His older brother, who is 12, keeps him company and tries to cheer him up as much as he can. He knows that Pranivith is sick, but doesn’t understand how badly. Pranivith’s parents work as seasonal agricultural laborers who get paid only when there is work to be done. Even on such occasions, they make about Rs 300 per day, together. Managing the household income within that income is a herculean task in itself, not to mention the added burden of paying Pranivith’s mounting medical bills.

So far in order to make ends meet while providing his son with the much-needed tests and treatment, Sivaramaiyya has taken a loan from a moneylender in his village, against high interest. But even that money is running out now and he loses sleep over how he can fund his son’s treatment.

All Pranivith’s parents want is for their son to be healthy and live a life of joy and well-being. Despite the odds, his family is fighting tooth and nail to make this a reality. Unfortunately, the amount of money required for the same is well beyond what Sivaramaiyya can afford, and if they don't get the money soon, they will lose their son to this condition.

Let’s help make a healthy life a reality for Pranivith by contributing to his treatment.

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