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Housewife Has Only Mangalsutra Left To Sell, But It will Not Be Enough To Save Husband Who Already Lost Leg In Accident

“The children and I wait all day outside the ICU for him to open his eyes. We just want him to know that we are there for him…like he has always been there for us. He cannot utter a word or even move a finger, but I know that even in his pain he is worried about how we are doing without him. I cannot bear looking at his amputated leg, but I am staying strong to do whatever it takes to save his life. Even if that means giving away everything, including something I have never removed from my neck till now – my mangalsutra.”- Rupali, wife of 35-year-old Pralhad.

Pralhad had gone to a friend’s wedding outside town, but he returned in an ambulance and has been in the ICU for over 20 days now

As much as he was a family man, Pralhad had a lot of friends and would never miss any occasion to enjoy with them. He was traveling home to Mumbai from Narayangaon with a couple of friends when their car suddenly skidded out of control on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Unfortunately for Pralhad, he was the only one who sustained serious injuries.

“We got a call saying he had been in a serious accident and is fighting for his life in the ICU. I didn’t believe it at first. I had just spoken to him a couple of hours back. My brother-in-law and I quickly went to the hospital and saw him lying there, almost lifeless, with a dozen tubes running across his limp body. For a moment I became weak and almost fainted, but I remembered my children”-Rupali, with tears in her eyes.

The whole family is still in a state of shock

His left leg had to be amputated immediately because of a deadly infection, and now he has serious kidney damage that can be fatal 

The doctors couldn’t wait to amputate Prahlad’s left leg above the knee because of the risk of the infection spreading to the rest of the body. He has also been undergoing dialysis for acute kidney damage. Prahlad’s unemployed wife, Rupali sold every little thing they had at home to pay off his medical bills till now.

“I didn’t think of anything except his well-being. We don’t have a lot of expensive items or property to sell, but I sold whatever I could – some silver jewellery that I had, old furniture, etc. I even sold old papers and the children’s old books to the kabbadiwala. It all amounted to a very small sum, but that’s all I could do. My husband’s leg is already gone, I wanted him to at least get his life back. Now I plan to sell my mangalsutra at last, because that’s all I have left now.”-Rupali.

Pralhad (right) and his brother Rahul

Pralhad used to earn a living by driving a small tempo that he rented along with his brother, and is the only breadwinner of his family

This is not the first time tragedy has gripped Pralhad’s life. Six years ago, he was employed as a caretaker in a small private company that had to shut down all of a sudden because of a fire. Pralhad did not get his remaining dues and benefits from the company that he was entitled to, and had to take up driving a tempo to support his family ever since.

“I saw my brother evolve from a confident person to a worried man after that incident. The fact that the company did not pay his dues had hit him so hard because he was such a hardworking employee. It took years for him to stand on his feet again. We were able to manage somehow, but now this accident has put our lives on hold again. My sister-in-law has given away everything they had bought over the years and I have borrowed money from a lot of people too, but that isn’t enough. I have never seen a more kind person in my life. I hope God finds us a way to save him."-Rahul, Prahlad’s brother.

How you can help

Rupali’s two children, 14-year-old Sushant and 12-year-old Sahil, are on the verge of losing the rock of their family, their father, who always took care of them no matter what the circumstances. Rupali sold whatever she had at home and Pralhad’s brother took many loans from local moneylenders to pay Rs 15 lakhs at the hospital so far. They need Rs 20 lakhs more to save Prahlad.

“He is still in a critical state. His kidneys have become very injured due to the gravity of the accident and he needs to be on dialysis daily. His body is still recovering from the trauma. He needs ten more days in the ICU itself, and more than a month of hospital stay. He has already gone through a lot in life, please help us save him. I don’t want my kids to lose their father. We have nobody else to take care of us.”-Rupali.

Your small contribution can help this father return in full health to his family

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