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This 3-Year-Old With A Blood Disorder And A Failing Liver Will Not Live Without Urgent Treatment

“My son hides in fear when he hears us say 'hospital.' We lie to him that we are going to a park and at the entrance of the hospital, he manages to slip from our hold and runs away. But his weakness won’t let him even walk five steps. My son weeps until he exhausts the little energy left in him and all I can do is carry him into the hospital with a heavy heart for a treatment that can help him survive.”  - Enosh’s mother, Padma.

Mother suffered seizures while her little son was battling for life from the dreadful illness

Despite poverty, Padma and Moshe led a happy life and were thrilled when they were blessed with a second child. When Padma just began to embrace motherhood, her 7-month-old son was diagnosed with thalassemia, a severe blood disease. She was shocked to hear the news and suffered seizures. Later, she believed that regular blood transfusion would help her baby live a long life. But her hope did not last long as fate had other plans, a few days ago the child’s liver started to enlarge striking a threat to Enosh’s life.

“Every month we traveled to Hyderabad only to transfuse sterilized blood in him. We always made sure that we never missed his treatment. Despite our proper care, he frequently fell sick and suffered dengue. We thought he would be cured in a weeks time. But his fever spiked up to a very high temperature so we immediately rushed him to the hospital. After a few tests, they told us that his liver has increased in size and he has only a few days left to get a surgery." - Padma.

Enosh should undergo an immediate surgery to survive

This 3-year-old who was fighting thalassemia major is now in danger with liver enlargement. Enosh needs to undergo bone-marrow-transplant immediately, the delay in the treatment will only make his condition more critical. Enosh has only 2 weeks to undergo this surgery which can save his life.

“My kid who loves to play with his favorite ball is now consumed by weakness so much that he is not even able to hold his toy. Sometimes, he lays on the bed without any movement and my heart flinches every time when I tap on his shoulder to see if he can still blink his eyes. I stay under strict medication to not to suffer seizures again, as watching my little son crying out loudly in pain has become unbearable.” - Padma.

This father’s effort to save his son will only be a vain attempt if needed help doesn't approach

Moshe is the sole breadwinner of the family, he managed to run his house without compromising the treatment for his son with his merger income that he earned as a constable. But the expenses of the treatment has overburdened him.  

“We have done everything that was in our hands to save him but in vain, we cannot afford this expensive treatment. We have spent all our savings to get him treated. We are now left penniless.  My husband and I ran to every person we knew to get help, but we only returned hopelessly. Now all that we are left with is only prayers. Please help our son survive,” - Padma

How You Can Help

3-year-old Enosh's liver is increasing and he's also suffering from thalassemia major. Without an urgent bone-marrow-transplant, he may never be able to make it. Your help will save Enosh’s life.

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Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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