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This 9-month-old Is A Liver Patient Who Will Not Survive Without A Liver Transplant

Ask Ghanshyam and Rajyashree what helplessness means to them and they look at their 9-month-old daughter, Ovi Gawade, lying on hospital bed with a bloated tummy and needles piercing her tiny arms.

"She's in so much pain and kills us to not do anything about it. After she was born, my wife and I would sit with her and dream of all the ways she would make us proud when she grew up. But now, we are not even sure if we will ever get to see her grow up", said Ghanshyam with a break in his voice. 

Tragedy striked this baby at an early age

9-month-old Ovi is suffering from end stage liver disease. Her diagnosis came soon after she was admitted in April with a case a bloated tummy.
"My baby couldn't pass urine. She was 5-month-old then. Before that, we never had to take her to the hospital even for simple cold. She was so happy and chirpy all the time. She is our first daughter and we were so happy to even think about such a scenario where my baby will have to undergo a liver transplant to survive", said Ovi's father, Ghanshyam.

"We can't see our little daughter suffering so much right in front of our eyes, can we? Last time, due to the water in her stomach, her brain got affected and she couldn't see for two days.  A day doesn't go by when we don't cry seeing our daughter wailing in pain. Now we are not even able to arrange the funds for the very thing that would make her live. There's no end to our despair", said Ghanshyam. 
As it stands, Ovi has only one chance at survival and that is a liver transplant. Luckily, after preliminary tests, Ovi's mother Rajashree is a perfect match for to be a liver donor. While the family has complete trust in the doctor's ability to cure their daughter, it is the money that is making them lose hope.

Her parents are struggling to arrange for funds

Ghanshyam is a labourer who earns Rs.10,000 per month. Rajashree is a housewife. Together they are finding it extremely difficult to arrange the estimated cost of Rs. 15 lakhs required for the transplant.

"We cannot see her suffer anymore. My wife and I are doing everything possible to collect the money but 15 lakhs is just too big an amount for a small labourer like me."

"In past four months, I have realised everyone is a well-wisher only when you're happy. My baby is going through so much and everyone knows how desperately we are seeking to arrange for the funds, but not a single friend or family member has asked us if we need any help. It's not only about the money, if I am being honest. In this difficult time, my family could do with a little bit of emotional support as well. But everyone seems to be avoiding us. Maybe they think if they talk to us, we'll ask for money," said Ghanshyam. 

How you can help?

Ghanshyam and Rajashree are trying their best to arrange the funds for Ovi's transplant. Although Ovi is just an infant, she is going through something that would be a nightmare for even an adult. Your contribution can save her life and give her a future.

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