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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Manipur, there was a tiny village called Chadong. It was destined with lustrous vegetation.

Villagers used to make merry, drink local ale and sow grains. They were known for their nature-loving traditions and simplicity of livelihood. They were living a carefree and mundane life. Alas! They were unaware of the upcoming danger towards their peaceful village.

One dark night, when everyone was asleep ‘water’ disguised itself into a benevolent destroyer and engulfed the village. Villagers were left with no option but to swim away for their lives.

Some lost their beloved ones, some their ancestral houses and all of them lost their land; but left with a melancholic memory to survive with.  

Nothing else to wait for, they started rebuilding their lives by the bank of their submerged land. They turned their submerged land into a tourist attraction place. Surprisingly their hard work paid off and now, Chadong village is one of the major tourist spots in Manipur.

Tourist would come and get bewildered by the beauty of the place, whilst admiring the nocturnal sound of water. Unaware of the heartbreaking act ‘water’ had done towards the villagers.

Tourists come here with the main purpose of sailing towards the almost submerged church. There is no denying of the fact, that how intriguing it is to witness an almost submerged church.

Villagers of Chadong village continued to live with their memory of loss, whilst tourists are attracted to the aftermath.