"Now, I can get a good night's sleep" | Milaap

"Now, I can get a good night's sleep"

These are the words of Rajniben Rajput, group leader of the Santoshi Mahila Mandal group. She says she can now sleep peacefully after a hard day's work. Earlier, when she didn't work, she could barely get any sleep. She would be worried about the house, her children, and how to make ends meet. The income that her husband brought to the house as an auto-rickshaw driver wasn't enough to support the entire family. So Rajniben started the sewing machine business.
She buys a whole bunch of spare parts from the wholesale market and puts them together at her home. The built sewing machine later goes to sale at a shop in the local market. Rajniben went through great detail in explaining the different types of motors, wires and raw materials that went into making a sewing machine. She has even got her sister-in-law who lives close-by, involved in the business, so they can make more machines together.