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No Questions Unanswered (2013 Milaap Pub Quiz)

*The following post was written by Varun Nagarajan who attended the Pub Quiz in Singapore. 

The first Milaap pub quiz of the year rolled into Singapore on the evening of January the 14th 2013. This eagerly anticipated event drew an enthusiastic response and brought together 7 teams comprising of 4-6 people battling it out for supremacy and bragging rights while raising awareness of the social impact of a loan on Milaap and chronicling the journey undertaken by borrowers, along the way.


The good-humored quizmaster for the evening kept the teams guessing with rounds ranging from Singapore to Sports, Music to the Movies and questions veering from the conventional to the downright unconventional. The questions included curveballs like ‘How many teeth does a baby elephant have’ (24+2 tusks) and “Who was the first singer to sell 3 million copies in the UK alone” (Adele in 2012 ) but the teams were more than a match for them and the quiz turned to be a high scoring affair. A tense finale ensued where the Southerners needing a perfect ten to win the quiz, did precisely that by cracking the picture round (which was no mean feat for it included pictures of the KL railway station and the Hungarian parliament, what???) and in the process deservedly earned themselves a round of drinks. All in all, a fun event to enliven what would have otherwise been an unremarkable Monday night at the beginning of the year. 



The unifying theme of the event was the work undertaken by Milaap and the social causes funded through its platform. It was heartening to see the impact a small loan could have on the borrowers and how it could go a long way in enriching the lives of the people who need it the most. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big shoutout to the organizers Laksh, Anoj and Sourabh for making this event happen and as enthusiastic quizzers and fervent Milaap advocates we look forward to the next such quiz.

Here are the winners of the event: 3 Southerners and 1 Northern Monkey

In the end, it was a memorable evening with a little bit of networking, a little bit of awareness raising and a whole lot of quizzing. A note of thanks to the organizers.

At a similar event last year, a bunch of cricketers in Singapore decided to raise funds for Milaap by organizing a Cricket Quiz. They ended up raising $1500  for the cause of clean water and sanitation. Here is the impact:


 *These events are completely driven by our  volunteers and lenders - if you want to organise a quiz or any event and build visibility for Milaap - write to