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Help 63 year old walk again

63 year old Navamani Raju was a farmer in the village of Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh. He lives with his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It has been 20 years since his wife passed away. A few months back, due to a diabetic infection, Navamani Raju's left leg had to be amputated from the knee. He has had to be dependant on his son and others around him for everything since then. Living without a limb at 63 is different, but having to lose a limb at this age and learning over to live without one is an entirely different thing.

To become independent he needs a Prosthetic Knee (Artificial Limb) which costs around Rs. 1.95 Lakhs. Other Medicines & Maitainance would cost approximately Rs. 45,000/- making the total around 2.4 lakh. Since his son is now the only earning member, this would be difficult for them to afford with a daily household income of roughly 250 rupees a day, and a family to look after alongside.Once he has a limb, Navamani not only wishes to become independent in his day to day activities, but also wants to go back to working. He wants to work as a watchman, so he does not have to move around too much. Your support could help this old man walk and work again.

A fundraiser for Navamani Raju was started on Milaap by Mr. Narsing Rao, the founder of a foundation known as Wonder on Wheels that helps many disabled people live life with independence and dignity.

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