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Family Of 5 in Severe Poverty After Son's Traumatic Brain Injury, Seeks Help To Save Him

31 Year old Nagarajan has been a devoted son and loving brother all his life. He took a job in Hosur away from his family so that he could financially support them. He was the only breadwinner and supported his younger sister in her education and was saving for her marriage.  But not he is a critical condition without help to get life-saving treatment.

However, he can no longer take care of his parents and he can no longer talk to her sisters. Since last 1 month, he is lying on a bed and needs assistance with everything. He can just manage to move his hands to communicate.

For a 31-year-old, this is the worst condition to be in and it all happened all of a sudden.

Nagarajan hails from Chidambaram town in Tamil Nadu. He moved to Hosur, a few years ago with hopes making his family financially stable and took a job with Dynaspede Hosur. He has two younger sisters. He moved out to ensure that his sisters would have a good life and will get a proper education.

Nagarajan's salary was the main source of income to his family. He was bearing the educational expenses of her sisters and household expenses of the family.

Tragedy struck the family when Nagarajan collapsed during one of his business trips 

On 21st June 2017, it was just another day. Nagarajan was at the Hosur bus station to catch a bus to Chennai for a business trip and suddenly he felt dizzy and fell unconscious. The onlookers made calls through his phone and luckily he his colleague reached on time and took him to the hospital.

"His colleagues including his managers rushed to the hospital and were shocked to see him in such a state"

Seeing his condition the doctors suggested that this was a case of brain hemorrhage and suggested an immediate surgery to remove excess blood in the brain. The surgery happened and for the next one month, he was in the ICU. His condition hasn't improved much however now he is able to move his hands and make gestures.

So far his friends and colleagues have been helping with the expenses.

Nagarajan had no savings and the family was in no position to cover the expenses. The doctors, however, gave confidence that his condition will improve but slowly and gradually if he continues treatment under hospitalization.

How you can help

The family has no money to save Nagarajan and he is the only earning person in the family. Saving him will ensure his family of 5 lives a dignified life.

With the help of friends and relatives. They have already spent 10 lakhs on his treatment and require another 10 lakhs since Nagarajan would be staying for at least a month in the hospital.
Your contribution is now the only source to save Nagarajan.

Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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