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My Journey till I became a Milaap Fellow

It was June 2014. I finished my masters degree. The specialization in it was little bit close to my interest, but it didn’t turn out to be a learning experience. But the desire to do something independent and what I would love was always there. I struggled to find what I am passionate about for quite some time. Photography and the idea of business were two things that were getting deeper in my heart. Over a period of time, I followed photographers and businessmen on social media, read articles and things that interested me and started getting deep into them. I came back home from Mumbai after my exams hoping that I will do something on my own. Even after two months I had not decided. Although the basic idea was taking shape, it was not until September that I decided to start a website on photography theory. Mainly because it fulfilled two things I am passionate about and it was the only thing that didn’t require much money to start. I started with whatever little money I had, figuring out things like how to make a website and such along the way.It was June 2015 now, I was losing hope; becoming unsure of what I was doing. Running a website turned out much bigger thing than I thought. Handling the website, putting articles on social media, writing articles etc was not enough. I had to figure out online content business, how to run a start-up and such things.Pressure from the family to find a job that pays was over my head. Finding a job which matched my interest was a failure and I didn’t put much effort in it either. It was Milaap’s fellowship opportunity where I felt the job matching my interests. The desire to travel rural India and experiencing it instantly got connected to Milaap Fellowship which fulfils that to a great extent.[caption id="attachment_7345" align="alignnone" width="955"]I picture myself like this.  Source: Heritage Great Britain I picture myself like this. Source: Heritage Great Britain[/caption]I applied for the job and forgot about it after a few days. It was after 10 days or so that I got the call and the interview process started. Before getting selected I was not sure whether I would get the job or not but finally I got through it. I am not fully sure about it being the ultimate thing for me yet and after meeting co-fellows I realized we are more or less in the same place. My fear of not fitting in turned out to be of no significance as we all were almost same on intelligence, stages and views about life.Positive response from those who have done it gives me some confidence to continue it forward. Somewhere I believe that it can change my life and be the best thing I ever did. And these six months can give me great insights about life and shape what I will do after it or do the same thing I was doing but in a different way.