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Mother Suffers A Cardiac Arrest Seeing Son Covered In Blood After An Accident

Seeing him like that, bleeding out of his ear, broke us. I was praying to God for him to be alright. He was a safe driver. This couldn't be happening. This couldn't be real. There he was holding on to his life by a thread.

Mohit is the kindest soul you will ever meet, he is the best son a mother could have and the most caring brother a sister could have and it breaks the family to see him tied to a bed for the past six months. Every day they hope to see him stand on his feet. They could never imagine that he would also become a victim of a horrible road accident.
I am his elder sister Krishna I am trying to do everything to save her brother.

Everything changed in two hours

Mohit used to lead the biking group in his company and frequently made biking treks. On the eve of 30 December last year, before leaving for home from his office, he gave me a call. It was a reminder to take our mother to the doctor for a check up. He said he will meet me at the hospital.
After two hours, Sanjana, my younger sister, received a call from PCR that my brother had met with an accident and was taken to a nearby government hospital. My mind just went blank after my sister informed me this news and we immediately left for the hospital.

Along the way, I was hoping that It would be a minor accident and Mohit will be all fine. But we didn't he was this serious condition.

A near-fatal brain injury. We could have lost him.

"When we reached the hospital everything changed. My brother was laying unconscious, not moving and not responding to any of our voices. He was covered in a pool of blood flowing through his left ear"

The doctors in that hospital refused to even touch him and said your brother cannot be saved and we are sorry that we cannot help.

Seeing his condition my mother and I were unable to take the sudden trauma. We just remember seeing him in blood. When we regained consciousness, my sister was there next to us.  It was hard to console her and she didn't know what to do. With the help of my friends we sent our mother back home.

He cannot die. He cannot leave us. 

Losing our brother was never on our mind, we wanted to save him at any cost. However, His condition did not allow us to take him farther than 5 km, we finally took him to Max Hospital and pleaded the doctors to admit him and start the diagnosis and treatment.

Mohit suffered a serious injury to his right lobe and had to immediately undergo a brain surgery, a part of his skull was removed and for the next 22 dayshe was kept in the ICU. Even after shifting to the normal room, his condition frequently worsened and he spent more days in the ICU than his room.

When the doctor said it was time to say goodbye to him

In the next 10 -15 days, his whole body got infected by sepsis. The doctors said there was no hope since his blood is totally infected and no antibiotic is working on his body. We were suggested to do a family meet as saving him looked impossible

With persuasion of his friends, we decided to shift him to Ganga Ram hospital hoping to save his life. Mohit has shown tremendous improvement

Our Mother had a heart attack after seeing him in the ICU

After Mohit's accident, our mother suffered a heart attack and has been undergoing treatment since then. We have spent more than 4 lakhs for her treatment alone.

I have shifted to Mohit's house to look after mother. I see my daughter on weekends and stay most of the time in the hospital with a belief that Mohit will stand on his feet and walk again.
Krishna, Mohit and Sanjana

How you can help Mohit

The family has spent almost 75 Lakhs on his treatment till now. Mohit was saving for his younger sister's marriage. They have used the entire amount for this treatment. Krishna has sold everything they could and have taken a loan.  People have extremely kind and with their efforts, the family managed the treatment so far.  Mohit's monthly medical expenses come to over 6 lakhs.

Mohit currently requires rehabilitation therapies and another surgery to improve his mobility. our support will help a sister save his brother.

Your support will ensure a young confident and determined youth get back on his life and once again becomes the support system of the family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team by clicking on the link below.

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