This 4-year-old Is Racing Against Time To Survive Painful Liver Cirrhosis And Needs Urgent Help | Milaap
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This 4-year-old Is Racing Against Time To Survive Painful Liver Cirrhosis And Needs Urgent Help

Soufiyan's eyes will tell us how much pain he is in. Barely 4-years-old, this little boy cannot even eat when he is hungry. His parents are heart-broken seeing his condition but what can a construction worker and his wife do when they have nothing left to treat him? They cannot watch him die.

They heard that their 1-year-old is dying

When 1-year-old Soufiyan was diagnosed with jaundice, the parents were not worried. They knew this is normal and were positive it would pass in a month. It was when he began crying in pain that they realized that his condition was deteriorating. Noor Ahmed took his daughter to a doctor in Hubli who gave him the horrible news.

“I was not able to believe the doctor. I could not admit to myself that the clock had already begun a countdown on my son’s life. I asked what I could do to save him and kept trying to get help. Meanwhile, Soufiyan’s condition just kept getting worse. All I can remember from these past few years are his cries.”
Mohammed Soufiyan with this parents

He is not even able to walk

Noor Ahmed works as a construction worker. He makes less than Rs. 4000/month and with that he needs to care for his wife, 2 children and ailing parents. Every day, this father struggles to make ends meet, and therefore he has been unable to come up with the money for a surgery.

“Soufiyan has been suffering for 3 years now. While other children his age are learning new words and games, Soufiyan can’t talk or even walk properly. He can barely eat and often cries in pain. His skin has also turned yellow. There were times that he’s been bruised even with a small fall. We must keep an eye on him all the time as the itching makes him bleed, and his blood does not clot easily.”

Childhood lost, he might now lose his life

Soufiyan does not know what is happening to him. He gets badly bruised after a small fall. His parents restrict him from running around or playing. He cries and is slowly losing precious years of his childhood. Worse, he is losing his life. The only remedy for this little one’s suffering is an immediate liver transplant.

How can you help

“It is difficult to watch him like this. The doctor gave us hope by telling us about crowdfunding. I have spent everything I have, borrowed and paid over Rs. 2.5 Lakhs for his treatment. It is not enough. The surgery is more expensive than these tests and medicines. It costs us Rs. 15 Lakhs. They gave us a discount also. Now we have to pay Rs. 7.5 Lakhs. Even this I cannot afford. I hope you can help me save my son.”
Noor Ahmed is a 100% match as a donor and he is ready to give his life for his son.

Your contribution can give him a life free of pain.

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Disclaimer: 100% of funds raised will be transferred towards Soufiyan's treatment. Every contribution will be matched to raise funds faster and help little Soufiyan. This fundraiser campaign is supported by The Pravin Agarwal Fund.

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