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Milaap's 64 loans for 64 years of freedom

The Indian Independence Day is just around the corner. At Milaap we've been brainstorming, wondering what sort of a campaign to run, what we can do to achieve the most impact. We figured contests and promotions are not our style. We decided to look inwards. No, not soul-searching and introspection, but we took a look at our borrower stats as they stand today. And then we thought, why not try and get at least 64 of our borrowers funded by August 15, when India celebrates 64 years of freedom? 

We need all the help we can, of course. If you're in India and packing your bags to go on holiday over the long weekend, we suggest you do just one thing before you leave:

Go through our list of borrowers here and make a loan.

Or simply make a noise on your Facebook and Twitter about our 64 loans for 64 years. Get a #64for64 hashtag on Twitter going, perhaps? Email people.

Do whatever it takes. Except shouting from rooftops and stopping random people on the road, of course. Actually, that's fine by us too... long as we manage to fund at least 64 families by August 15. 

Regardless of where you are, India, Singapore, US, or anywhere else, let's try and make this happen. Let's give our borrowers and ourselves another reason to celebrate, this Independence Day.