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Milaap Champion: Ankit Chowdhary

Meet Ankit Chowdhary, one of Milaap’s super champions. A staunch supporter of Milaap, Ankit has always been kind to share our initiative with his friends and family.  

When we launched the Adopt A Village campaign, he was among the first to write in to us, all enthusiastic about the campaign. He went on to adopt the Cauvery Belt community and pledged to raise Rs 75,000 to bring clean drinking water. He has already raised Rs. 46,000, and with your support, he can get there. Go here and help him reach his target.


We spoke to him and asked him about his motivation to run the fundraiser, the challenge he has faced and much more! Here is Ankit's story:


1. How did you get to hear about Milaap?

I had gone to donate blood at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health for a routine donation to a child with Thalassemia and met this gentleman who was there for the same reason. We talked about what we do and he mentioned that his wife works with Milaap and gave me an introduction to what it was. When I went back home that evening, I looked up on it, loved the concept and started contributing right away!

2. How did you go about fundraising? What was your method?

To be honest, I thought it would be easier than it actually is. I mean, I kept thinking to myself that if people (my age) can go out on weekends and spend Rs. 500+ then why wouldn't they rather skip one such evening and instead lend to someone who could use that amount for a much more productive reason?! I first contacted close friends and family explaining the cause and used my social network. This is what has worked the most till now.

3.Any special secrets/tips that you can pass on to our community so that they can one day fundraiser the way you doing it?

Two things!

One, you need to realize that not everyone might share the same enthusiasm towards a cause as you do (just as not everyone likes the same flavor of ice cream!). Personally contact the ones who are most likely to share the same views/values as you do and they would also, most likely, spread the word for you. Will work well to get you going.

Two, some people would also contribute because its you more than the cause your fundraiser supports. Thats ok! With the constant updates, on the money lent, Milaap gives all its lenders, you can hope that this would maybe get them to seriously think about wanting to support causes directly in the future - which is a good long term outcome.
Overall, don't be demotivated if its slow, Keep On Going!

4.Tell us more about yourself. What do you do day to day? What are you passionate about?

Well I'm currently finishing off my degree and am also working on my small startup - iService which is to do with Repairs & Services for Apple products (Do like my page ) :)
I am and have always been passionate about creating, making a difference in whatever way I can and living to the fullest. Also love traveling, music and anything adventurous! My 3 year stint with AIESEC (the world's largest youth run organization) across various leadership roles had a lot to do with moulding me into who I am today.

5.Was there any inspiration that you took up the fundraiser for Milaap?

Like I said, I want to make a difference in more ways than one and through Milaap I get to make, what is possibly, a permanent, positive difference to someone's life. Nothing is more powerful than that. This is just one small step in the direction of everything I look forward to doing & achieving in life.

6.Any question for us?

I think I have been asking several question over the last few months so nothing for now!

7.How has your experience been with Milaap?

My experience has been great till now! You guys have been doing a great job of running projects on various issues & effectively utilizing technology to crowdfund them. I wish more people realize how much their contributions mean and take part more proactively with Milaap.

8.One word that describes "Milaap" to you?

Way to go Ankit! We wish you loads of wishes and good luck for your future. =)

If Ankit's way of contributing has inspired you, it's time to take action. Do more with Milaap.