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Milaap and e27 launch an Enterprise Development Fund!

We are happy to announce that early this week, in collaboration with e27, we launched an Enterprise Development Fund!

e27 are a media organization focused on the Asian technology startup community, and they have managed to create a suitable ecosystem for the growth of local entrepreneurs. They have done this by giving them our support and access to links to capital and helped them gain visibility.

However, there is a large segment of entrepreneurs lacking in an efficient support system. The ones at the grassroots - they lack neither the ability nor the drive, yet they are a largely ignored community. They are barely able to make ends meet, running small businesses making handicrafts, tailoring clothes and more.

Through this partnership, they aim to do their bit to bridge this vast gap between these little known, unfunded, untouched-by-technology entrepreneurs. When you make a contribution on the e27 Entrepreneurship Development Fund, you are helping an entrepreneur grow his/her business a little. Your funds will help them buy more machinery, or raw material and scale up production. All funds raised on this fundraiser are given out as loans to entrepreneurs in small towns across India.

Every dollar contributed will be matched by one of the Super Angels also onboard! The goal is to reach SG$50,000 at the end of the campaign, so please, lend a hand! Head over to the campaign site, make a contribution and tell all your friends! Together, we can improve the lives of people who really need it, and also help them to help others as well.