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Milaap and Bond47 partner together to enable you to shop for a cause

Thinking of purchasing a pair of cufflinks for yourself, a friend or your Dad? Now Bond47 enables you to make a social impact when you buy a pair of elegant cufflinks. Thanks to our partnership with Bond47, you can now help families in rural India get access to clean drinking water by purchasing a pair of cufflinks from their website. Inspired by Milaap’s efforts to bring clean drinking water to rural parts of India, Bond47 decided to join hands with us to help families improve their health and standard of living.

These cufflinks are set with carved semi-precious stones. Apart from being elegant, the cufflinks are also ethical and socially responsible. So if you’re gifting your loved ones these cufflinks, you not only make them happy but also bring joy to families of rural India.

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to make a difference:
1. Visit Bond47 (
2. Choose a pair of cufflinks you like
3. Select the cause of providing clean drinkable water to a family in poverty.
4. Purchase the cufflinks and make a strong impact!

Today many women in these villages walk miles with their children to fetch water. Or they queue up for hours, waiting for water at the public tap, only to return empty-handed often. You can help us change this. By purchasing a pair of cufflinks, children can go back to school and women can put their time to better use.

For our folks in US, you can purchase these cufflinks on e-commerce websites too like : Roozt and Given Goods Co.  P.S: We at Milaap believe that small actions can have great consequences! Do your bit. A small action today can be a life-changing gift for someone!