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Meet Gitaben: What's the secret behind her smile?

Meet Gitaben Batukbhai of the ‘Sakatma Mahila Mandal’ group. She has taken up a loan of Rs.15,000 to run her sari business. She buys saris from the wholesale market at Rs.200 per sari and sells them for Rs.250 to Rs.300 around her village. Sometimes, she even goes further out of Dhrangadhra, where she resides, into Malwan which is around an hour from here.
Gitaben started this business some time after her husband went blind. She has two sons and two daughters. The daughters sometimes help her with sari business while her sons sell oil in the wholesale market. Next to her, her neighbor who is also a Prayas borrower had started her business from scratch just like her and eventually built a house from the savings she acquired in the business. Gitaben is very motivated and hopes to eventually do the same someday.