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This 10-Year-Old's Dreams Were Crushed By Blood Cancer, Help Save Her Life

10-year-old Mathumitha has always made her parents proud. A studious girl, who has won many academic prizes including the State level Uranium Talent Search Examination twice. Her dreams and thoughts were beyond what an ordinary 10-year-old usually have. But life isn't very easy for Madhumitha. She is suffering from blood cancer and is in the danger of missing treatment because of lack of money.

Her father,Kannan, is a firefighter working with the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue department, Puddukottai. Kannan has saved many lives risking his own life and with the no financial backing, he is depending on the blessings and goodwill he earned.

Her Dream Was To Become A Swimming Champion

She is not just studious, she wants to learn swimming. She was about to start her swimming classes in 2014 but she got diagnosed to have Acute Myeloid Leukemia in January 2015. She underwent chemotherapy for six months. Kannan and his wife were heart broken, but they got a lot of encouragement and seeing their daughter's will gave them strength to find ways to cope with her illness. They struggled a lot but arranged for funds to complete her treatment.

She was well for one year, but again in June 2016 her disease has come back. They were shattered and has lost hope.

Mathumitha's Brother Is The Donor For Her Transplant

With chemotherapy alone the disease has recurred, so a more intensive treatment which includes bone marrow transplant. Luckily, for Mathumitha, her brother Vengatesh is a matched donor for the transplant.
This transplant cost is Rs. 20,00,000/
Kannan is the only earning member and is unable to arrange for the amount. The family, in their small way is trying to arrange but 20 lakhs is a huge amount for them.

How You Can Help

Kannan has saved the lives of many and served the society daring many dangers. Helping his daughter fight cancer can be a way we can give back to his good samaritan like him. Funds raised will go towards Mathumitha's bone marrow transplant.

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