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He Survived Against All Odds Only To Grow Up Deaf And Dumb. Help Krishna Hear And Speak

"We were terrified when the doctor told us we that our baby boy won't make it. He was a fighter. He lived through those days as a premature baby. But we never knew he would have to live like this."

6-year-old Krishna is known in his family circle as the miracle child, because he was the baby-who-lived. Even though he survived a terrible infection, Krishna grew up to be a child who lived in a world of silence. He never spoke a word, and probably never heard a sound in his life. His father, a carpenter, wants to give him a chance at a miraculous life he deserves and help Krishna speak for the first time.

Ajit and Teena were heartbroken when the doctor said there was no hope and their baby could not be saved after birth. After all, Teena had contracted chikungunya and passed it on to the baby because of which she had to deliver the baby early.

“He could open only one eye due to the infection. The doctors said we should take him home, but we begged them to keep him in ICU for as long as needed. We prayed and were so happy when our prayers were answered. We spent all our savings on saving him, but we were happy that our baby made it. That was the most important thing.” 

When Krishna was 2 years old, Teena noticed something strange about him on Diwali. She was worried the noise of crackers bursting outside might scare him, but he never reacted to anything. Acting on her intuition, she took him to the doctor who told the dismayed parents that Krishna had bilateral hearing loss - he was deaf in both ears. He needed a cochlear implant, a procedure that costs Rs 8 lakhs. 

"We depleted all our savings during Krishna's birth and are still paying back for some of the expenses and could not afford the treatment at the time."

Krishna is a very sweet child, adored by his parents and older sister. He is very happy to play with other children. He has not been to school and is clearly waiting for the day he can start. He role-plays with his sister's uniform, bags and notebooks and gets very excited when his family talks about school.  

The parents hoped that Krishna would begin speaking and even sent him to a private school for a short while. But at 6, they are worried. Will he ever be able to express himself? 

“He understands everything we say to him. He just doesn't speak. How will we make it in life if he cannot communicate? We found a special school where he can learn sign language which will help him communicate. Because he is deaf in both ears, we want him to get some hearing which will help him navigate everyday life without being in danger. This is possible only through a cochlear implant."

Ajit came to Bangalore from Assam to work and send money to his family back home. But for the last  5 years, he has not been able to send money back because of his child's medical expenses. He works double shifts from 9 AM to 10 PM at a furniture factory. Hee is happy to do all the hard work if he can save enough for Krishna to get a better life.

With his current monthly salary of Rs 15,000 he does not have the funds to help Krishna hear. He will be grateful for any support that can improve his child's life. 

You can create yet another miracle in Krishna's life.

Donate now to help him hear.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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