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2-year-old Has A Flesh-Eating Infection That Is Spreading Fast And Will Kill Him Without Treatment

“His infection is spreading so fast that they may have to cut away his fingers. Chunks of dead tissues have already been sliced from Gokul's leg. If he doesn't get treatment soon, I will lose my baby to this disease. ” - Shruti, Gokul's mother.
Only 10 days back, Gokul came to his mother, telling her that his leg hurt a lot. When they looked at it, they only found a small, blackened swelling. They put pain-relief spray on it. In just two days, Gokul went into septic shock. The infection had spread to his heart and kidneys. He needs two more weeks' hospital stay to fight this painful deadly condition.

Even before fully learning to use his hands Gokul may lose them

The doctors have classified the infection in Gokul's leg as 'necrotizing fasciitis', commonly known as flesh-eating disease. It is a fast-spreading infection that eats away body's tissue. Chunks of dead tissue have already been sliced from Gokul's leg. The infection has spread all over his body and it is important to halt it. His parents are terrified of what this means for their baby.

“His condition got worse very soon. He was fine, he was playing. He was cycling on his scooter. Our older son Chiru is saying, 'Bring him back home, I'll take care of him.' Even after talking to the doctor, we still don't completely understand how this happened. His life is in danger, his kidneys have failed and if the infection is not gone, he may need amputation.” - Shruti  

Manjunath and Shruti have knocked on everyone's doors for help

Gokul's father Manjunath works in packaging unit of a private company. He earns Rs 11,000 a month and has borrowed over Rs 8 lakhs from relatives and friends. In a time when his son's life is in danger, he is worried sick about returning the money he borrowed. Shruti holds to the thought that saving their baby is the priority.

“We will beg anyone for help. We will fall on their feet. What people think of us doesn't matter more than saving my son's life and his arms and legs. He used to be such a happy child – I just want to see that happiness back on his face.” - Shruti

Gokul needs treatment to be out of danger

Gokul needs more surgery and a strong course of antibiotics. He needs ICU stay too, but his parents can't afford it. His condition and medication need to be strictly monitored. He needs minimum 6-8 weeks more in the hospital to be out of danger. His parents are finding it very hard to keep up treatment.

How you can help

Gokul loved looking at photos of his parents on his father's phone. He loved meeting other children and play bat and ball with them. Without treatment, this 2-year-old's life will be forfeit. His parents have borrowed from everyone they knew. They have no more doors to knock.

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Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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