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Madhukanth's leukaemia is growing faster than chemotherapy can fight. Help his parents save him.

Madhukanth, 14, has an aggressive leukaemia that is moving faster than chemotherapy can fight. Luckily, his brother is a 100% match for a bone-marrow transplant that can save his life. His father, a farmer, needs help raising the funds to save him before it is too late. 

A diagnosis that caught the family by surprise

Madhukanth has acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) that was caught thanks to a dentist who decided to do a thorough job of making sure his patient was all right. Madhukanth had gone to Dr Ashok, his dentist in Tumkur to get his wisdom tooth removed last October. 

Even after it was removed, there was unusual bleeding and the wound was taking too long to heal. Dr Ashok recommended a blood test. The results showed an extraordinary number of white blood cells. To his parents shock, Madhukanth was diagnosed with AML.  

Omkanth and Madhukanth after taking part in a cultural programme

Madhukanth's father Nataraj grows paddy on leased land. Despite their financial situation, he and his wife Sumangala were determined to make sure their son got the best shot at recovery. They took him immediately to KIDWAI, Bangalore and started chemotherapy. 

The illness is progressing too rapidly

After just one cycle of chemotherapy, Madhukanth had a remission. The doctors recommended a bone-marrow transplant. The family found a donor in their second son, Omkanth. He is a perfect match and Madhukanth now has a very good chance of getting better.  

The family takes a photo at the hospital

Omkanth is only 8 and can't wait to give his brother his 'blood' the will help him fight the 'infection' that makes him sick. Staying with his maternal grandmother sometimes gets hard for his as he misses his parents, school and most of all the company of his elder brother. 

Madhukanth's parents are doing everything they can to raise funds needed for his treatment. The family needs urgent help raising funds for the BMT. 

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