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“My daughter will turn 4 within a week. I wish I could gift her a cancer-free life!”

Little Varshini is almost 4. She loves making conversations and new friends. Intelligent and witty, the little one wishes she could go to school like her other friends, but she must travel to Madurai twice a week with her father.

 “Why can’t we go to the hospital only on weekends Appa? Why do I have to miss school every week?” the little one often asks.
Her father cannot even tell the little one how even missing one of those visits could be a threat to her life.

At first, Karthi could not even believe his baby had Cancer.

It started as a stubborn fever in November 2016. The local doctors could not understand the exact problem and recommended some blood tests. The tests revealed a shocking result. Little Varshini had Cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia). Her father was shocked beyond words. He refused to believe the diagnosis before it was verified by 2-3 hospitals.
He finally had to accept the cruel truth. His 3-year-old was suffering from a life-threatening Cancer.

Karthi’s elder son is a special child.

Since Karthi’s elder son 9-year-old Murugan is a special child and needs frequent medical attention, he has not taken up a permanent job and works as an acting driver. He only gets work when people or groups who are traveling call him. The work hardly pays him Rs.6-7,000, most of which is spent on Murugan’s medicines.
Now, with Varshini’s diagnosis, he must take her to the hospital, 70 km from his house, nearly twice a week. His income has almost been reduced to zero. Under these circumstances, he is unable to afford his little daughter’s treatment or even bare necessities for his family.

How you can help.

So far, Karthi’s friends have been helping him with all they can. The money they send helps him provide for the fundamental household expenses for his wife, son, and daughter, but is not enough to fund treatment for both children.
Any contribution made through this fundraiser would go directly towards little Varshini’s treatment.
“I have big dreams for her. I want to educate her and give her the life I could never have. She is really intelligent and has so much more to do in life, if she had a chance,” Karthi says.
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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