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Help 2-Year-Old Ridhi Fight Blood Cancer The Second Time

Ridhi was just 16 months old when doctors first diagnosed her with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a life threatening form of blood cancer. Just a few months after their daughter's first birthday celebrations, Pryandar and his wife Urmil were struck hard by the news that their baby Ridhi was suffering from cancer. They stayed strong, however, their daughter's innocent, sweet smile giving them strength to take every measure in their fight against the disease.

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In July 2014, I heard the words, "Your daughter has a leukemia," and our lives changed forever. We didn't even know that children could have cancer, and I still can't quite believe that my daughter has this illness. - Pryandar Chauhan, Ridhi’s Father

-Pryandar Chauhan, Ridhi’s Father

Close to a year ago, Ridhi’s condition was stabilized through medication. But soon, the doctors insisted on a bone marrow transplant to save her. Luckily, her uncle was a suitable donor for the transplant. In February 2015, little Ridhi underwent a bone marrow transplant, and she began to make good progress. The family was relieved, and hoped to soon realize their dreams of having their daughter back home, hale and hearty. But their joy wouldn't last long.

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The only hope for survival

15 days ago, Ridhi’s family received the unfortunate news that her cancer is back. Her tender body, already weakened by multiple treatment procedures, will have to undergo another bone-marrow transplant. The surgery is her only chance against the cancer. This time, her father will be her donor. Ridhi was first admitted to Gangaram hospital in New Delhi and later, to Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, New Delhi. During her second chemotherapy session which lasted more than a month, she developed severe side-effects, including brain hemorrhaging that resulted in bleeding into the central nervous system (CNS).

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Over the past year, Ridhi’s parents have spent huge amounts on her treatment. With help from relatives, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers, they had managed to collect funds for Ridhi’s first bone marrow transplant. But now, with an early relapse of her cancer that was never expected, they are left helpless without financial assistance.

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How you can help

Ridhi’s father has set up a campaign on Milaap to raise funds for her treatment. The family needs Rs. 20 lakh for the treatment and subsequent stem cell therapies. Stem cell infusion procedure has already started and here's an update from Ridhi's father:

Since last 3 days Ridhi has started getting 103-105.6 degree fever. On 28 May 2015  Ridhi has infused Stem Cells, and on 3rd June, another procedure of stem cells therapy is scheduled. She will remain in an isolated room now where until the new cells engraft. This could take about a month or more, Until they engraft,Ridhi's body will not be making it's own blood or platelets, so she will be receiving blood/platelets infusions. We will update you when we know more

Your support will make a huge difference to Ridhi and her family. All funds raised will go towards Ridhi’s bone marrow transplant and treatment. Make your contribution and help little Ridhi. Every bit of support counts!

Click here to learn how you can save little Ridhi.