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This Math Teacher Is Struggling To Save His 10-Year-Old Daughter Who Has Been Reduced To Bones

If there’s anything 10-year-old Anjana loves more than going to school and meeting her friends, it’s playing carrom. Once full of life and always on the go, Anjana now even struggles to lift her hand on some days, let alone play her favourite sport. Blood cancer is draining the life out of her. Not only has it destroyed her childhood, but her parents, Kashiraya and Suvarna, now can’t go a single minute without fearing for her life. Only chemotherapy can save Anjana.

Cancer has made Anjana so weak that she can’t even walk on her own anymore

It’s been two months since Kashiraya and Suvarana received the worst news of their lives. Since then, their lives have been consumed by this disease. Anjana struggles to even walk on her own, and Kashiraya stands with her as her pillar of strength, making sure to hold her hand through the pain.  

Anjana was always a healthy child, but two months ago she started eating less, and before we knew it, her weight had drastically reduced. In just a matter of weeks, she changed so much. We were watching our daughter almost disappear right before our eyes. She was reduced to her bones. Luckily, we took her to the doctors just in time before it was too late.”

Anjana has had three cycles of chemotherapy, but her fight is long from being over. She stills needs to continue chemotherapy and medication for long before she can go back to the childhood she once knew.

Anjana will never escape the clutches of cancer without treatment

“She’s very social. She has so many friends, and they all used to come to our house in Bijapur. Everyone has only good things to say about Anjana I don’t know what she has done to deserve this plight. She can barely walk or eat now. Injections scare her, but she quietly bears the pain. The doctors say that she will get better soon. I want to promise her a future, but every time I go to pay the bills for even a small test, I’m reminded of how close I am to having an empty pocket.

Kashiraya can’t afford to continue chemotherapy on a teacher’s salary

While Kashiraya is relieved to hear about her prognosis, his worries about affording her treatment are only increasing. He is a mathematics teacher in a small school in Bijapur and earns just enough to provide a living for his family of five.

“I haven’t gone for work since her diagnosis. It’s only been one tests and hospitals, and I don’t want her to go through any of this without me by her side. She doesn’t know she has cancer, but she wants to get better and go back home, to her safe place. My friends have been kind enough to help me with her treatment so far, but now there’s no one left for me to turn to. My daughter deserves a life and I will do everything in my power to save her.”

How You Can Help

Anjana has blood cancer and only chemotherapy can save her from succumbing to this deadly disease. She has already had 3 cycles of chemotherapy and needs to continue treatment to get better. Kashiraya has spent nearly 3 lakhs on her treatment so far and can’t afford the 8 lakhs needed to complete the course of her treatment. His salary of a school teacher isn’t enough to save his daughter.

Your support will save Anjana’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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