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Even A Minute Delay In Receiving Treatment Can Be Fatal To This 1-Year-Old, Needs Immediate Help For A Liver Transplant

Priyanka’s eyes light up when she sees her baby give hi-fives and wave goodbyes. Her heart fills with happiness thinking that her one-year-old will grow up to be a smart baby. But reality soon strikes her and happiness soon gives way to worry; she knows that Baby Keerthikashree, is after all, not healthy like normal babies. She has a severe liver disease that can kill her without treatment.

Every 15 days, the acid and ammonia levels in her body shoot up that she needs to be admitted immediately. If we become late by one minute, it can mean death. She has hardly spent any day at home. She needs a new liver, that is her only go, but we cannot afford money required for the transplant”-Priyanka

Their baby was rushed to the NICU when she was just 3-days-old 

Priyanka had a normal pregnancy and delivery; the baby also did not seem to have any issues. However, on the third day after birth, the new mother noticed that her baby’s breathing was fast-paced and abnormal. The infant had to be rushed to the NICU because she couldn’t breathe properly.

Nobody could diagnose her issue. There was no problem with her heart or lungs. We had to send her urine and blood to Mumbai for a proper diagnosis. The results said that she had a rare genetic disorder that affects her liver”-Ramesh, father

Keerthikashree cannot grow like normal babies because she is on strict diet restrictions 

Baby Keerthhikashree cannot eat any form of protein because of her liver disease, including milk and milk products. Her body will not able to digest it and it can fully shut down her system as well. Her mother, Priyanka, makes sure she eats only Cerelac and formulated milk. This has adversely affected her growth.

“Where normal 1-year-olds have to weigh at least 7 kg, my baby girl weighs only 5.5 kg. She can have all fruits and vegetables and even fats, but not protein. But children need protein to build muscle and grow. My child will have stunted growth without a liver transplant”-Priyanka

The hospital has become Baby Keerthikashree’s second home now because she's there every two weeks due to her condition

Despite being on strict diet restrictions and her mother caring for her well, this baby’s fate is to be admitted in the hospital quite regularly due to multiple problems.

“She gets a vomiting sensation and refuses to eat anything. She becomes dull and lethargic too – the opposite of her cheerful self. That is when we understand that she needs the hospital. Her acid and ammonia levels get dangerously high. Her platelet count also dwindles. She is so small yet she has to face these life-threatening situations very frequently; it is really upsetting us”-Ramesh

Keerthikashree can't even sit up by herself because she's so weak

“Our child cannot grow up normally because of her disease. Her limbs are not strong enough and she cannot stand like normal babies her age. At the most, she can sit up by herself, but on most days she is not able to do even this because of her weakness” – Priyanka

The only thing that can save her is a liver transplant; but after months of medical expenses, her parents can't afford it

Getting a new liver is the only way that Keerthikashree can grow up to be a normal baby. Her bad liver cannot sustain her anymore. Her health complications will only get worse with age, so she cannot go on like this. Her parents Ramesh and Priyanka know this very well, but they have been spending a lot to keep her alive till now that this transplant is completely out of their reach.

How you can help

Keerthikashree’s father, Ramesh works in a private company and earns a modest salary that is not enough for the baby’s regular hospital visits itself, let alone an expensive transplant. The hospital has been very kind to this family in letting the baby have free physiotherapy sessions, but they need money to fund the transplant at the earliest.

“I want my child to grow up normally. I cannot bear to see her struggle for her life like this. We have given up a normal life to focus on her health and well-being. We don’t want to lose her because of lack of funds. Please help us”-Ramesh
Your support can ensure that this baby gets a liver transplant at the earliest

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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