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Help This Auto-Driver Fight Cancer And Stay Alive For His 11-Month-Old Baby

29-Year-Old Kalpesh Gupta hails from Valsad, Gujarat.He is an auto driver and a father of a 11-month-old baby. It was in 2012 that he was first diagnosed with cancer. With much difficulty, he took treatment. But in 2016, his cancer relapsed.The only solution to save this young father is a bone marrow transplant. But this auto-driver has no money left to undergo the transplant.

Kalpesh Had To Leave His Job To Take The Treatment

Kalpesh had to leave his job as an auto-driver to undergo treatment full time. The leukemia has relapsed, forcing Kalpesh to abandon his job to be admitted in Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad. Kalpesh's well-wisher, wrote to us on his behalf. "I am his well wisher. I wrote this email on his behalf as he doesn't know English too well and is not aware of how to use email.

When Life Decided To Give Him Back The Misery

Although I survived after the first course of treatment, life became too hard after treatment.  I joined back my job and also started driving an auto rickshaw for part-time income to cover up all my family expenses for the last one year. But I was not able to take care of myself.
Things got worse when I had a relapse.  The disease came back in 2016. It was very shocking for me and my family. We come from a very low financial background. It became harder for me to work and left both jobs 6 months ago.

Bone Marrow Transplant Is The Only Cure

I approached Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad for treatment this time. I was undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the cancer cells. This should be followed by a Bone-Marrow Transplant(BMT) to be done as a complete cure. But the treatment will cost around Rs.25 lakh and we cannot even think of managing this huge amount. Unfortunately, this time, I do not have the company's support in helping me reach this target.

I am currently admitted in Neutropenic Ward in Apollo Hospitals,Ahmedabad and am facing a daily bill. I do not have enough time as the transplant process is scheduled to start soon. I don't know how I am going to afford this  and even if I will be able get the treatment on right time. I am the only earning member of my family. If this amount is not met, my entire family will be without any help. I am worried about the future of my wife and baby.

How You Can Help

Your help will make Kalpesh fight blood cancer. A family will get back their pillar of strength. Our support will help Kalpesh stay alive for his family. Funds raised will be utilized for his bone marrow transplant.

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