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Without Urgent Help This 25-year-old Mother May Lose Her Life To Cancer Leaving Behind 2 Young Daughters

“It all started with a fever. Had we known it was something so serious, we wouldn’t have ignored her fever at all.”

25-year-old Jyothi got sick with a high fever about 3 weeks ago. Her husband Lankesh took her to a doctor who prescribed some medicines. Since she didn’t have any other symptoms, she started taking the medication and was waiting for the fever to subside. But it continued to bother her and a week later, she started suffering from dehydration as well. Upon seeing more doctors and running a few tests, she was diagnosed with blood cancer. Now only chemotherapy can save her. 

Jyothi's life changed for the worse within a week

When Jyothi didn’t respond to her fever medication and started getting dehydrated, the doctors advised them to take a few tests. After the first test, they said that she urgently required a blood transfusion since her haemoglobin levels were alarmingly low. To the family's shock, they were soon told that Jyothi had blood cancer. She needed chemotherapy immediately.

Jyothi lived a happy life with her husband Lankesh and her two little daughters. Her perfect life turned upside down when she learnt she had cancer. No one imagined she could get cancer at such a young age. This was supposed to be the time for her to enjoy her youth and experience the joys of motherhood. But she is in the hospital, confined to her bed and undergoing chemotherapy. She’s in a lot of pain from her illness and the side effects of chemotherapy.

Her daughters don't know what is wrong with her

“The girls ask about their mother and cry. What do I tell them? How do I tell them what cancer is and how it could snatch their mother away? I don’t know what to do.“
Lankesh feels very helpless on seeing his wife go through this misery. Since the time she was hospitalised, their daughters, Akshita and Akanksha, have been living with their paternal grandparents. They miss her a lot but are too young to understand what is happening with their mother. Lankesh has only told them that she has a high fever and that is why she can’t be near them right now. It breaks his heart to think of what will happen to the girls if Jyothi doesn’t make it. They come to visit her sometimes and try to make her laugh. 

Jyothi with her two beautiful daughters

Lankesh is trying his best to get Jyothi the treatment she needs, but the biggest roadblock is their financial condition. Lankesh is a carpenter, who fits doors and windows in homes. He makes a meagre income and tries to keep the household afloat. But with Jyothi’s diagnosis, his finances have taken a hit and he has run out of what little savings he had. 

How you can help

So far, Lankesh has borrowed from friends, relatives and moneylenders to pay for Jyothi’s treatment. All his money and resources have run out and he has no means to afford treatment for Jyothi. To save her, he needs your help.

Your contribution can give this young mother another chance at life and all the happiness she deserves.

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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