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Army Constable And His Wife Are Struggling To Save Their Child From Rapidly Spreading Brain Cancer

3-year-old Jayanth’s childhood has come to a tragic standstill. Once a playful and talkative child, there’s only a deafening silence when he’s around now. Only his painful screams are heard in the hospital. The tumour in Jayanth’s brain is aggressive. No matter how much Chaitra comforts her son, the reality is that without treatment, Jayanth’s cancer will quickly spread to other parts of his brain. Jayanth needs chemotherapy to beat cancer. Otherwise, his condition will deteriorate beyond repair. It’s his only chance to survive.

Jayanth’s fever didn’t subside for 15 long days

In December, Jayanth was taken to the hospital after he had a high fever. Even after medications, his fever did not subside. Chaitra and Boodesh didn’t understand what was happening to their son. For 15 days, Jayanth was in pain and discomfort from the fever. Nothing made him feel better. The doctors finally asked him to get an MRI scan, and nothing has been the same for him since.  

I wasn’t prepared to hear what the doctors had to say after the MRI scan. He only had a fever, I couldn’t understand how it could be anything else. My worst nightmare came true when they told me he has cancer. All I wanted was a healthy life for both my children and now one of them might lose his life to one of the scariest diseases.”

Jayanth’s tumour will grow rapidly if he doesn’t continue treatment

Jayanth doesn’t have any energy left anymore. He doesn’t talk much and can barely sit up on his own. He has completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy so far, but he still has a long way ahead of him. He needs 5 more cycles, followed by possible radiation and a stem cell transplant to survive. If cancer spreads further, even chemotherapy might not save the little one.

Jayanth loved playing with his older sister, but now he's too weak to even move

It’s very important for him to get the treatment right now. We can’t delay it because even if it spreads a little, the worst could happen. I feel scared just thinking about it. Jayanth is too young to understand what’s happening to him. I’ve been with him in the hospital for 3 months now. I hope and pray that this is not how it all ends for my baby. He doesn’t say much, so I try to cheer him, but nothing works. He can be saved with chemotherapy, but we don’t have the means to continue treatment anymore.”

Boodesh is a constable in the army, and can’t afford to continue his son’s treatment

Last year was filled with trials and tribulations for Boodesh and Chaitra. In August, Boodesh was admitted to the hospital owing to a liver problem. They spent nearly 6 lakhs on his treatment. They were just about recovering financially and emotionally when they found out about Jayanth’s cancer. His diagnosis has not only made them extremely stressed but has also set them back financially. Now, they have nothing left.

Boodesh, Chaitra and Jayanth before his illness

“We have no one to help us now. I have to handle everything on my own. It’s difficult, but I have to do it. My husband is a constable in the Army, so he works all the way in Calcutta. He was able to visit Jayanth for only a week since his diagnosis. His income is the only thing helping us get by, but now, even that’s not enough. We’ve somehow managed to pay for 3 chemotherapy cycles, but beyond this, there’s nothing we can do or no one to turn to for help. Not only are we scared for his life, but we must also worry about giving him the treatment. How can we forgive ourselves as parents if his treatment is stopped because of us?”

How You Can Help

Jayanth has a deadly tumour in his brain and needs to continue treatment to get better. The family needs Rs 6 lakhs to get 5 more cycles of chemotherapy, but Chaitra and Boodesh can’t afford treatment any longer. This is Jayanth’s only chance to beat cancer. He needs your help to get treatment that can save his life.

Your support can save Jayanth’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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