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3-Year-Old Girl Who Smiles Through The Pain Of Cancer Will Not Live Without Urgent Treatment

We’ve only seen people on TV serials and movies having cancer. We never thought it would happen to our daughter. She had just started going to pre-school. She was so happy singing rhymes and telling us about her new friends. I'm scared we will lose her to cancer forever."

When anyone asks Janavi how she is, she replies with a wide smile on her face and says “aaram aagi idini” (I’m completely fine). Little Janavi is blissfully unaware of the dangerous outcome of blood cancer. To her, the hospital visit is temporary, and she will soon go back to playing with her little sister again. However, Janavi needs chemotherapy for the next 8 months to beat cancer. Without which, she might never get to go home again. This is her only chance.

All her tests came back normal when Janavi was only getting sicker

In February Janavi started coughing and had a mild fever. Pooja and Shambu weren’t worried. They thought the fever would subside with medications, but when it didn’t reduce for two days, they took her to the doctor. What followed were rounds of different hospitals in Davengere and Bangalore, in the quest to find out what was making their otherwise cheerful child weak, irritable and cry in pain.

All her tests came back normal. For two months she had so many tests, but no one could tell us what was making her so sick. In Bangalore, we found out that it was blood cancer. The first thing we did is to figure out how much we had so that could start her treatment immediately. There was no time to waste.

Janavi only wants to play, but cancer has made her too weak

“She and her sister are always together, playing and making each other laugh. Janavi misses her a lot in the hospital. She keeps saying ‘mummy, when can we go back to see Adhya and ajji?’ and I tell her that we’ll be with them soon. She only wants to play, but she’s become too weak now. She cries a little sometimes, but mostly she smiles, talks to everyone and never complains. Her laughter makes all of us smile, I hope that’s never taken away from her."

Janavi’s daily medical bills are more than half of what Shambu earns in a year

Janavi’s medical bills are piling up. Her father, Shambu, is a small farmer in Karnataka and earns money only for 6 months in a year. Favourable weather conditions give him better crops, and he sometimes earns around Rs. 40,000 annually. However, 3 days of Janavi’s treatment cost them nearly 30,000 – more than half of what he earns in a year.

We’ve sold our jewellery and put every single rupee that we had saved over the years in her treatment so far. We’ve spent 3 lakhs, and that’s everything we can afford. Our families are also from humble backgrounds so we can’t even borrow money from them. We put everything we have into this and it’s still not enough. We can do nothing but leave it to God now.”

How You Can Help

Janavi needs chemotherapy for another 8 months to beat cancer. Her parents, Pooja and Shambu, are struggling to arrange the funds to continue her treatment. After using all their savings to start her treatment, they have no way to afford 10 lakhs for the rest of it. Janavi doesn’t know she’s fighting death and thinks she will go home soon. Only timely treatment can save little Janavi’s life.

Your support will save 3-year-old Janavi’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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