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Interning to make an impact: Kapil Dev Advani

We are glad when we receive an application of young fellows from prestigious institutions who want to work with us and help us out in creating stories of change with us.  These young folks can easily walk towards the easier road and get a fat paycheck in the corporate world. But unlike a few, our new intern Kapil wanted to work in a social enterprise and do something that can have an impact in the society.  Kapil from IIT Kanpur is working on some of our skill development projects in Delhi. We spoke to him, to know more about him-  this is what he had to say: 

What is Milaap?

Milaap is India's leading crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes. Our community of donors and lenders come from 120 countries across the world. Milaap has become the preferred platform (Crowdfunding India) for people to raise and contribute to the causes they care for in India.

Q) Tell us about yourself & your prior experience before joining Milaap?

I am basically from Ajmer, Rajasthan. I am a Third-year student at IIT Kanpur, pursuing Chemical Engineering. I have a keen interest in reading about business and about personalities, not just the famous ones, but any kind of personality. I am also a keen reader of social issues and wish that someday my efforts could make a big difference towards the development of Indian Society. Lately, I have got a kind of addiction of reading about start ups, their stories. My hobbies are listening to music and internet surfing. Sometimes I also try my hands upon video composition and music composition.   

At my college I have been involved in various kind of activities, let it be volunteering for college festivals or organizing college events. Currently, I am leading a group of students and we all work to connect with the alumni of IIT Kanpur and help them to build relations with their alma mater. Working so independently and freely has allowed me to realize my abilities and my creativity. 

Q) So how did you hear about Milaap?

I heard about Milaap from an alumnus who is very closely associated with Milaap. During a discussion with him, I told him about my wish to do something good for Indian Society. Listening to my interest, he told me about Milaap and I went through their website. Reading about the organization I got very interested and excited to get associated with them. I got introduced to the founders, sent my resume to Mayukh and fortunately, he liked my profile and I got the great opportunity of working with Milaap as an intern.


Q) What was your motivation in joining Milaap?

I had a couple of reasons that tempted me to work with Milaap. First was the work that Milaap does. I was always passionate to do something of a social cause, something that can benefit others directly. After reading about Milaap I could connect myself with the purpose of Milaap. Second reason was the team of Milaap. I read about the team of Milaap on their website. The team consists of all the young and talented people and Milaap itself being a new company gave me a feeling that it could give me an opportunity to deal with the issues on the front foot, unlike the large corporate organizations, which could be a great learning experience for me.

Q) What is your expectation from Milaap?     

I am pretty excited to work with Milaap. I believe that Milaap can give me a great learning experience of dealing with the social issues which would help me in the long run. I also expect that I would get the opportunity to reach to the insights of rural India and realize the challenges that our nation is facing on its rural side.


If you see a Kapil in you, become a Milaap fellow now.