Image of the Day [21.06.2011] | Milaap

Image of the Day [21.06.2011]


Vaibhav and Bhargav learn the art of metal welding

This week in our Image of the Day segment, we will be shifting focus to Education and Training. Today's image shows two young boys, Vaibhav and Bhargav undergoing vocational training through Lend-A-Hand India . This organization takes the donations from charitable people around the world, and uses 86 cents off of each dollar to provide training, infrastructure, teachers' salary, and all the other essential costs for a good education. Through their program, they have til now reached out to 10,000 boys and girls over three states in India. For as little as $100, you can put four children through vocational training, permanently changing their lives for the better.

Lend-A-Hand hopes to use this training program to spur entrepreneurship and create jobs by making life and job skills universally available. Its Diploma in Basic Rural Technology has produced over 800 rural entrepreneurs til date. Their on-going Plan100, a project toe equip 20,000 children across 100 rural schools with job and life skills, has til date reached out to 3300 students over 16 schools. Apart from Plan100, Lend-a-Hand's career counselling program, Project Disha, has also seen some very impressive achievements. You can read more about both projects here.