Image of the Day [09.06.2011] | Milaap

Image of the Day [09.06.2011]

Today's images are from the Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan. The Barefoot approach of rural solar electrification has been replicated across 751 villages in 17 countries and 16 states of India. As of December 2009, 461 people have been trained as Barefoot solar engineers (BSEs), of whom 211 are women. These BSEs have fabricated, installed, repaired and maintained more than 14,800 fixed solar units and 8,585 solar lanterns. Their collective efforts have benefited at least 8,96,000 men, women and children.

Recognising the difference between education and literacy, the College has trained men and women who cannot read or write, so that they can develop skills and organize themselves to be gainfully employed while serving their own community. It is now a policy of the Barefoot College to focus exclusively on training illiterate or semi-literate middle aged women, who are mothers and grandmothers between 35 and 60, from villages all over the world. The major thrust since 2004 has been on training women from Africa.