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Image of the Day [05.06.2011]

Today's photo shows a woman sewing clothes on a solar-powered sewing machine. For millions like her in India's vast rural areas, in this and in other professions, power shortages are a serious problem, reducing efficiency and eventually income. With the help of micro credit institutions, villagers are able to take out small loans to buy solar powered lamps and other devices. These loans are often small enough to be paid back with a week's salary, but often result in a drastic increase of daily income.

You can read the rest of the story here.

In our daily Image of the Day segment this week, we will be shifting focus from Water & Sanitation to Energy! As always, if you have a photo that you'd like to contibute, please send it over to And thanks to all the people who have sent in photos thusfar! We really appreciate it. :)